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Thread: Han Solo (2018) Toys - General Discussion Thread

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    Few typos...meant to say "oos, but orderable" x2, "quay tolsite amazon...12 bucks"

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    Quote Originally Posted by R1G4R3PO View Post
    I tersting...Amazon is still taking pre orders for the 3.75 singlr card3d imp patrol trooper "Vista driver" Grant it, pos, but ordetable nonetheless. Did anyone get the quay hold its am axon was listing for 10 bucks or so a few weeks Back? It too was oos but ordetable...and the TLJ single carded Palpatine too
    Quay has perpetually had no estimated delivery date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZX3 View Post
    I really don't understand the strategy behind making characters for 6" and not for 3.75".
    I can kind of see their PoV, and not wanting to "double" up if you will. They'll likely get hate mail either way though. People will complain that it's the exact same as the 6", or they'll complain that they waned "X" outfit instead of "this" one. With Voss there is only one outfit, and he's basically the bad guy of the Movie. So he should have been made in both scales. IMO

    Not getting them slated during the Movie release makes it almost impossible later, due to demand being much lower. And he's no longer on "kid's" radar.
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    The boom/bust cycle the past five years of figure waves tied to movie releases with one big push a month before release with three to four variations of the main character along with a few things from act one of the movie followed by a second wave that has poor distribution and finally a third wave that finally has interesting figures but gets cancelled or goes to online exclusives or dumped on discount chains followed by a several month dry spell of nothing until the next big thing makes me really wonder what's going to happen once we go three years without a new movie.
    There's still multiple new video games, novels, comics, television shows, and theme park attractions, but given the way Hasbro has basically ignored these the past five years it seems like it's tent pole blockbuster theatrical release or nothing.

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    Well, i don't think the tent pole theatrical events are what they once were. In the older days Hasbro used the Movie years to bankroll the in between years, which allowed them to make some of the VG/EU etc Characters that didn't coincide with the movie. The line's popularity back then gave them the ability to make certain fringe characters once in a great while. I also feel that repacks no longer bring in the revenue they once did, because we see less of them and new figure on the whole.

    I think the biggest problem with Disney being in charge, is that we may never see some of those figures that might have been possible prior to. Because they want to push "their" Star Wars character whether they such or not. And will do so even if they don't become popular.

    Even before Disney took over Hasbro was reluctant to do EU characters due to them being "unknowns" to the larger audience. "kids" However, they did start to improve in later years, then Disney happened right when it was getting good. These days even Kids don't seem to be that interested, especially when Hasbro cancels the 5POA line. You know the one they had previously said was doing "great"? Okay "hiatus" whatever.

    When TVC goes on hiatus it's one thing, but when the cheaper affordable line goes away. What does this tell us? Things aren't so great anymore.

    Even though there will be a gap without Movies, there will be those Disney+ shows, that I assume will get figures too. Just like past TV media. So there shouldn't be a "darktimes" like it was after 85.

    I think the only hope we haver for seeing some of our favorite EU characters in figure form, would be too see them used in the current media. And even then it's not a guarantee.
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    Thought I'd post this here as well:

    At 11:03, it sounds like Hasbro is planning on renewing the license, because they're already discussing what they'll produce in the "off" years without movies.

    Maybe this means they'll go back and fill some of the significant character gaps, but instead of 5 POA, they'll all be in TVC? I'm still hoping for Scissorpunch!

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    I'm still hoping for a Noghri figure, If not Ruhk himself! As well as a few other MIA. As for new media I'd still like that damn Gold Droid from Maz's Castle.
    There's actually a lot that could still be made from all of them, Rogue One, Solo, and TFA.
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