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Thread: Kyp's Custom wip Vehicles...

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    Wow. Very nice! I especially love the Rebels speeder. It just looks perfect. Crazy that it only took 24 hours total to print. Can't wait to see that one with some paint!

    Oh and I don't check out this section very often since I'm not as interested in the custom figures as I am in environments. But I'll probably be checking more often, as I really like all the vehicles!
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    Thanks. I was so happy that someone made that Rebels speeder. I've wanted it since TCW. I'm probably making this one that brown one Kanan uses in the first episode. The second one I print will be the blue one that Cad Bane's crew used in TCW.

    I'm working on a GNK droid with removable panels and I'm remaking the Rebels hover crate to be more accurate.

    And I have more vehicles coming. If you look here: at the last pic(Zoidberg) you can see one of the vehicles I'm going to be posting pics of next. :{J
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    If you need anything 3d Printed PM me. :{J

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