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Thread: The LEGfaux Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by karmajay View Post
    I totally understand the want to buy retired sets for cheaper BUT Lepin is pretty shady copying the EXACT design and even the box! If they made their own style MF I think that would be fine even if it was unlicensed.
    I will never buy Lepin because of this. They are straight up copying the sets exactly (retired AND current)! And their business is the source of a new eBay scam I just heard about. Seller sold a legit sealed Super Star Destroyer (10221). Buyer filed a case stating that the bags inside were counterfeit Lego. eBay sided with the buyer as there was no way the seller could prove that what was inside the sealed box was original Lego. Seller refunded the buyer and got back his SSD box with (what I assume to be) Lepin pieces inside. That is so sickening to read about.

    There is nothing good that comes from Lepin's business practices. I understand that everyone has their own opinion about this.

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    Yup, buying Lepin promotes copyright infringement among other things.

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    It almost feels dirty even having this thread, to be honest.

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    It's still a thread for discussion and interest no? I didn't want a thread defending brand loyalty or how evil lepin is. It's an interesting topic.
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    It's an understandable desire, for sure.

    Nevertheless, that's where the conversation is going to go when there's a group of Lego enthusiasts who care a great deal about the integrity of the Lego brand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Chosen_1 View Post
    It almost feels dirty even having this thread, to be honest.
    Agreed. I'm not in favor of allowing this thread to exist. Lepin is similar to many of the scammers in the vintage areas of the forums that people are so vehement about...only Lepin does it on a much larger scale. The Lepin logo is even designed to try fool people into thinking it's Lego...font/color etc. Some people don't know the difference. It's not ok in my opinion.

    ...and this is the Lego area of the forum. Maybe "other collectibles" or some other area of the forum is more appropriate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Chosen_1 View Post
    It almost feels dirty even having this thread, to be honest.
    It saddens me we have a thread in here to discuss counterfeit companies and outright license/brand thieves.

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    You may as well use counterfeit money when buying Lepin, because it's all theft in the end anyway.

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    Lepin isn't just counterfeiting Lego, either; these lowlifes use fan MOCs as the basis for their products. They're screwing over the authentic company and flipping the bird to its fans.

    A couple of good articles:

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    In all honesty maybe Lego will see the possibilities of reintroducing retired sets. Since Lepin is clearly making money off of the fact you can't get the hard to find sets at an affordable price maybe Lego could sink lepin by introducing a throwback line and taking control of what collectors really want. I mean given the choice we would all buy Lego over Lepin.

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