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Thread: eBay seller dragonslaith and littledreamstoyshop

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    eBay seller dragonslaith and littledreamstoyshop

    Hey fellow scummers,

    Just a heads up that you may want to block these 2 eBay ID's if you're planning an auction. Last Sunday I auctioned off a large portion of my 12 Back collection and "dragonslaith" ended up being a sniper bidder on pretty much every listing (as well as agreeing to the Buy It Now price on my carded Vinyl Cape Jawa). Anyway, its been 5 days since auction end and after sending the guy an invoice, he is now stalling saying he is abroad and can't make payment until next week.

    He's already been discussed on the SW UK Forums here:

    While it was only "dragonslaith" that won the auctions and hasn't paid, the "littledreamstoyshop" has the same postal address that is included in their listings. Under his "dragonslaith" ID, he claims to be "Damian Surf" but as per the SW UK Forum posting, he is most likely Aubin Rabia - this guy:

    He has been reported to eBay.

    Just thought I would spare anyone else some headaches.
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    added and blocked forever! thanks for the tip!!!

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    Blocked. Thanks for posting this.
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