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Thread: New Premium Format Han Solo, Finally!

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    New Premium Format Han Solo, Finally!

    Sideshow's finally making a new PF Solo. I like the preview pose too.
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    Yeah, this looks great...

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    We knew this was coming since the "new" Chewie PF but as long as the head sculpt is good, I'm in.

    So I won't be pre-ordering until we see the final sculpt.
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    I will wait for more images but the eyebrow area just doesn't look right to me. He looks like a cartoon character over squinting.
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    I am liking what I see so far, but would like to see more angles myself. Should be a must buy.
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    Day one pre order for me! The face sculpt looks great so far!

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    Can't wait for this! Hope there is a nice exclusive!
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    looks nice. Shame not Hoth uniform.
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    Here are other pictures ...

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