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Thread: New Premium Format Han Solo, Finally!

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    No good. Just does not look right. Easy pass once again.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
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    I agree with most, no way is the likeness there for spending this kind of money!!

    HT 1/6 scale Han in Stormtrooper outfit is way better and SSC needs to match this degree of accuracy.
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    Video shown of both Solo and ESB Luke:
    ANH, the best movie ever - ESB, the best SW movie ever
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    Yipee - The early words of Darth Vader...

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    Just looked at the sideshow site. The exclusive version comes with an E11 blaster.

    Seems like an odd choice for Han in that outfit...

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    I just can't get past the cost of this! It is so inflated! I don't even like it but feel bad for anyone that drops the cash on such an overpriced item. Hopefully the bubble will soon burst and Disney will realize that people will not pay such ridiculous money for something that is worth about $300.00 at the most.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
    -Darth Vader

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    These year long waiting periods are killing me! This should be shipping around the time I move so I might have to wait until then to order it. Im ok with missing out on the exclusive since I have no intent what so ever to display it with the E-11.

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    Not buying it..
    The price is just to high as well I don't have much space left to display it..
    I might consider pre ordering the PF of Luke next week on 5-10..

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    I understand Harrison Ford is difficult to sculpt accurately, but those eyes... who in God's name gave this the all clear?
    Surely they can and should tweak it prior to mass production?

    To be fair, the sculpt is very good for the most part, but fails in a few key areas - unacceptable in a figure costing more than half a grand.
    For that sort of money I expect this to look nigh on perfect. It needs to be excellent.
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    I need a definitive Han Solo piece in my collection

    This WILL NOT be it
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