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Thread: Eaglemoss Battlestar Galactica

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    Eaglemoss Battlestar Galactica

    Might as well get the ball rolling on this topic, Eaglemoss has just sent me a survey email asking for my interest in a BSG range. It begins......could be pricey though, they're talking about 9.5 inch ships at 40 each
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    Ouch. If they were the same size as the Trek models, hell yeah. But at that price I'm a definite pass.
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    I'd like to see what the ships looked like, but that does have potential to be a really nice line.

    What was your reply, Boris?

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    Entirely in the affirmative Rodders, I was keen to encourage them to press forward so we can see what we're getting. Other details I remember was being asked to put 20 different BSG ships in order of preference. I don't know if that's an indication of how long the run will be, but it might be. Another interesting question was what other SF franchises I was into, these included Star Wars, Stargate and Serenity so I don't know if that suggests other licences they're going after or already have

    There was a couple of questions on what extra gifts I'd like to see and options included LED lights, collapsable shelves, display stands, magazines, t-shirts and a 1/6th Cylon figurine
    formerly Boris :shame:

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    I'm gutted that these will be so large and pricey.
    Like EM's Alien ships, I had been hoping for a STSS-sized collection, too.
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    Anyhoo, I'm sure the margins are nicer for larger ships but I think they've gone too upscale/bespoke here. And NECA and Moebius are already doing ships in a similar scale.
    I might not be able to resist the capital ships but I'll definitely have to pass on the fighters and mid-sized ships.

    Yeah, I did the survey but was disappointed there was no place to whinge and encourage smaller ships.
    Interesting that they seem to be getting into display stands in a big way.

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    The Galactica herself might be tempting, but I already have the Titanium Ultra version, the standard Titaniums, as well as countless resin miniatures. I'm not sure the size / pricepoint would result in me picking anything up. Its a shame HW didn't do more diecast BSG ships in the Titanium scale, that would have been a good outlet for unmade ships.

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    Not a subscriber but still on the EM mailing list. I took the survey too. Like to see anything that hasn't been made yet, and there's still quite a few never realized in Titanium. I voted for them in preferences.
    9.5 inches is too big for a lot of this stuff. If you start making Vipers or other craft that big, No cockpit detail with blacked out canopies and windows won't cut it. Wouldn't mind some of the capital ships like the modern Basestar larger size though. They should breakup the sizes like they do with ST or do them all smaller (and a little less expensive) would be my preference.

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    Pre-orders now being taken for shipping in February

    For eaxmple;



    Other sellers may be available

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    First pics of the painted model #1 and mag! Boom boom boom!

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    A very nice line of ships there. Looking forward to seeing some in hand photos.

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