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Thread: Star Wars: Celebration Orlando 2017 Feedback

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    Filled out mine!
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    I tried but I'm getting an error and the site is unavailable. Apparently they have a pretty good idea of what I have to say based on my email I already sent them. We will see if it unlocks at some point.

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    That line Thursday was the most ridiculous thing ever. After standing in it, and walking nearly a mile from the convention center, we still had not turned around yet as it looped back to the front. I had my young daughter with me, we were already getting sunburned, so we left that ridiculous line and went back to the front and just walked on in. I'm sorry, that line was absurd, I refused to stand in it any longer. And then the 'security" check. LOL! They didn't even check bags OR run them through a detector?! So what was the point?! Absolutely ridiculous. At least that was fixed by Friday.

    Topps autograph area: lol. I will NEVER understand how you can take something that was not broken and then totally screw it up. Every part of it was so bad, so wrongly managed, that I cannot even begin to describe it. The lack of photos for big guests, the line mismanagement, the overall cluelessness, it all sucked any joy from the show for me. The line to buy autograph tickets was absurd. I was confused on Friday when I saw a ridiculously long line to buy autograph ticketsyet it was announced on intercom and on screens that everyone of note was already sold out.What were they in line to buy? I REALLY hope those people weren't wating hours in line to buy overpriced Tim Rose and Mike Quinn autographs. But I guess I'll never know. Luckily I was able to get a friend to get my Ian McDiarmid autograph on Sunday for me, because there was no way I could get it on Friday, everything was running too far behind. I have never been so miserable at a SW "Celebration". I couldn't wait to get out of there.

    Between all of the newbies clogging up everything with their interest in the Disney SW movies, which I couldn't care less about, and Topps horrible handling of the autographs. this Celebration was not fun. Sadly, it was my 5th and last one.

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    I goto the Celebrations mainly to get my autographs on my posters.

    This autograph hall was a complete disaster. Topps had no clue of what they were doing. Thankfully I pre-bought all of my autograph tickets besides two. My wife stood in line to buy two smaller guest tickets for 2 and a half hours on thursday, the line only got worst throughout the weekend. Who thought it was a good idea to have 3 check out stations for autograph tickets? Then, you have to go in ANOTHER line to get your photos for half the guests, and only could get them for the day of the autograph tickets. Not to mention, you had to talk to three people just to get the photos, scanned, stickered, and whatever else you had to do. Who thought of that? The autograph que for the smaller guests were all funneled in one line. Jeremy Bulloch's line blocked five guests at the end.

    The photo choices were awful. They had Dennis Lawson had his first US appearance and 2 bad quality 8x10s, thats it. Official Pix had atleast 9 Lawson photos in their inventory so I know they have the archive files. They had 11x14 for most of the guests but they were cropped bad on most of them. And I really appreciate the 16x20s after you said you would have them in an email I sent. Thank god another scummer had an 11x14 OP for my Hayden autograph ticket.

    With the over priced autograph tickets on the smaller guests, you arn't allowed to take photos of them, with them, or anything? Give me a break.

    I talked to one rude Topps worker (Not a volunteer) and after that conversation, I will NEVER buy anything topps related again. I will not goto another Celebration if they are running the hall, I will not get anyone to help me out either.

    I wont get started about all the rest of Celebration. After I got in (hours later) it was a fun time, when I wasn't in the autograph hall.
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    The wife & I filled out a survey on Sunday night. We definitely informed them of our feelings on the debacle that was getting in on Thursday, & the screw up that was the autograph hall.

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    I filled out mine and submitted it today. I doubt it will do any good, but you just know Topps is getting slammed hard by everyone who fills that thing out.

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    I'm just back from Florida yesterday and my trip incorporated my first Celebration visit on the Friday - unfortunately I think it will probably be my last Celebration visit also .... the chaos put me off massively

    I arrived at the Center having been dropped off by the rest of my family, bag search and entry into the venue was smooth walked along a corridor and into the first hall. From there until I was picked up again I spent 99% of my time in queues - the majority of which were unnecessary in my opinion

    Getting into the main hall took 45 minutes - why ?

    Once in I went over to the autograph section - I had pre-ordered 4 autographs ( all I could afford ) but hadn't received any email tickets from Topps. Went to stand in the Topps Customer Service line which took over another hour - I missed the Ep 8 trailer as the queue was behind the big screen so was getting messages from my friend in England who had seen it before me

    Eventually got my four tickets printed and off I went into my autograph lines - why wouldn't they have screens / consoles set up to print tickets like at the cinema ?

    My biggest gripe happened then. When ordering my autographs before I left the UK I unfortunately found that Peter Mayhew had sold out for the Friday - but had availability on the Sunday. I could only attend on the Friday so had to let it pass .... in the customer services queue a Topps employee announced that autograph tickets could be redeemed on any day - which probably added to the chaos

    While stood in the queue for Jeremy Bulloch I noticed that several other OT signers had minimal queues ( Blake, Rose, MacInnes ) but to go and buy a ticket for them would have entailed a 60 min wait for the sales queue again .... if I could have paid at the table or on a touch screen console I would have got another 4 easily

    Essentially my entire event was waiting in line - partly through my own lack of experience but mainly through the event mis-organisation

    I'll never get the chance to attend Celebration again and my overall experience was disappointing which is very upsetting

    I'm going to chase OT signers through smaller conventions in the UK - pick up those who were at Celebration but for half the price and half the waiting time

    Mal Skelton

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    Topps could have made a lot more money if their system was better. Official Pix had a bunch of cashiers at the Celebrations they handled. It was much easier to purchase an autograph ticket. Also, having to stand in line to pick up a photo to get signed was beyond ridiculous. I can't think of too many autographs I would seek in future Celebrations, but I'm hoping there are major improvements before I feel the need to do that again.

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    Yeah, Topps certainly has a lot to improve on for future Celebrations.

    It's funny, I was listening to an interview that Radio 1138 did with a guy from Topps who seemed confident they'd be able to pull everything off. I guess they did make it through, but it certainly wasn't pretty.

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    This was my ninth Celebration- all of the North American Celebrations as well as London 2016. All of them have had issues (mud pits in Denver, freezing weather in Indianapolis, my sister in law tagging along in Anaheim) but it is still my favorite thing.
    My biggest disappointment was that they didn't announce the date and location of the next one.

    I'm a bit concerned though about the question on ReedPop's survey about paying for priority access.

    Most of the scarcity the show had was artificial or due to poor planning and management. I'd hate to think that instead of realizing they should live stream the top tier panels to more areas of the show or integrate the show store into the store app or expand store hours or any of a number of fixes to the show they're just going to charge some people more to skip lines.
    I loved Star Wars Galactic Nights at Hollywood Studios as an extension of the show, but part of me felt bad attending it while not everybody from the show could. Priority access seems against the "Star Wars is for everybody" message I think of when I think Star Wars Celebration.

    That said, I sadly think I would probably pay for it.

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