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Thread: Star Wars: Celebration Orlando 2017 Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    major complaint about the show was the disorganized chaos of the autograph/photp area and the insane line on Thursday. I was on line at 9am and didn't get in till 11:45am. I had a photo op and autograph with Mark Hamill for Thursday so I spent the remainder of the day on line from 12pm - 6:50pm so day 1 of the con was completely lost.
    Oh my god, thats Celebration 2 level s**t right there. The longest line I waited in once the show started was 90 minutes at the show store. And judging how terrible the show store was run at Anaheim this was a HUGE improvement and I accepted it. I'm really sorry you had your first day wasted, thats terrible. You shouldn't have to buy a ticket to spend 9 hours waiting in lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drzza View Post
    3.people reselling swag on ebay
    This happens after every single Star Wars Celebration, it shouldn't really come as a surprise anymore. I'll be honest, with how hard it is to finish these 10, 20, 30, and the eventual 100 piece patches happening at these shows I'm glad there are people putting up their loose patches on eBay so I have a chance of finishing them. Just don't check ebay and you'll never know better.

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    At Celebration 4 in LA, the Store was open 24 hrs. Plenty of merchandise and NO lines. IT CAN BE DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Pros: Another great Celebration. The show floor was well laid out with alot of space. Even though I missed the awesome food trucks from Anaheim, they had plenty of food available for lunch. There was lots of things to see and do. I was saying to my friends you could have done the Celebration 5 times and done completely different things every time. The panels were great - I only got to seven of them but they were all fantastic. The 501st Bash was AMAZING! Definitely one of my favorite experiences from all seven of my Celebrations.

    Cons: I know the line on Thursday was bad, but I didnt see it becuase I was in the queue hall from 5:30 am to 10:30 am on both Thursday and Friday mornings, just to see the screening of the first panels. If you wanted to get in live you had to show up at 7pm the night before. People who showed up at 10pm and slept there overnight didnt get into the live panels. Anaheim was better because they have that arena for the main panel - it feels like Orlando CC, for as big as it is, doesn't have that one big space for a panel like that. The celebration store was a cluster, and I am glad I didnt have to go through it. My roomate had a medical badge (he was the plus 1 for someone else) and could get through literally in 15 minutes, so he got stuff for all of us. Agreed that this should be set up more like a stand with the items behind a counter and less like Wal-Mart. The wristband thing was kind of dumb. It meant you had to plan out your entire day ahead of time, OR just get all the wristbands in the morning and pick the things you wanted to go to. I got into the Disney parks panel without one by waiting in the standby line. The autograph hall was okay for me, but I understand it wasn't the best system ever. I didnt like the pre-order system because you had to be watching the website every day for new talent to pop up. The individual day system meant you were better off getting everyone for the earliest day they were available, because they accepted you the next day, but not the previous if there was no line and you had the next day's ticket.
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    Pros: great content, awesome fan and collecting panels, surprise guests (Harrison! George! John Williams!), a cool trailer


    For context, we went to Celebrations 5 and 6, both in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC). We also went to Anaheim. Even with long waits, those three cons were very well organized, with a lot more staff to answer questions. I know there are long lines at a con, I expect that. A wait to get into the building is expected. But the experience at Orlando 2017 this was unbelievably horrible, and unacceptable.

    In summary, there were NO clearly marked medical queues (except at the Store and Celebration Stage). NO staff outside managing lines. Not enough staff inside managing the lines. Orange shirted staff giving conflicting answers. Rude Black shirted staff giving conflicting answers. Some OCCC staff utterly clueless as to where medical queues were. Utter chaos.

    In more detail:
    We have 4 day badges that we ordered last year when they went on sale. My partner broke his ankle in October, has screws in his ankle, so he walks with a cane. (I can provide proof of his injury if needed.) We arrived Wednesday evening. Our hotel was the Rosen Center, so we had to walk the entire length of the venue to the queue hall to get our tiny Medical stickers. By Thursday morning, his ankle was so swollen we had to order a wheelchair to be delivered to hotel. While waiting for it to be delivered, I decided to go alone to the con to scout out the line and find the medical queue, which should have been marked with clear signage.

    Thursday morning was complete chaos outside. I had asked OCCC staff nearest the Rosen where the medical queue started and they said to "go look for the line, we couldn't miss it". So I walk alone to the line.

    There were NO signs for a medical queue. There was NO staff from ReedPop or OCCC outside to manage the line. There were no temporary barriers to manage line flow. Somehow, the fans had organically formed a line that snaked around about five times in front of the venue then wrapped around to the back of the venue, and then back to the front entrance. I waited about and hour and a half alone in this line, not seeing any staff, not seeing any medical queue signs.

    At about the hour and a half mark, I am at the back of the venue, which I see is open, but only for restroom usage. So I go in to speak to OCCC security. I hold up my medical badge and explain "My partner is in a wheelchair, do we have to wait in this long line outside? Where is the medical queue?"

    She tells me "you may come back to the venue and enter through the main entrance". So I walk back around to the front of the building and proceed in to the main entrance, and again I explain my situation. This OCCC staffer tells me to come back to the main entrance and we could get in. He then tells me to wait, checks with someone, and tells me he thinks we can enter closer to the Rosen.

    I go back to the hotel, get my partner, now in a wheelchair, and proceed back to the venue and are finally able to get in the ground floor entrance nearest the Rosen Center it is now about 1pm. My entire morining is gone.

    Friday is also horrible. We try to enter the way we came in Thursday at ground level nearest the Rosen, but I guess it's too early and Black shirted staff member rudely yells at us "No! Only exhibitors and media at this entrance!" There are NO signs to point out where a medical queue might be.
    At this point an OCCC staff memeber sees the wheelchair and and lets us in the building, contradicting what ReedPop staffer just rudely told us.

    We get in and make our way down to the queue hall "holding room". There are very few staffers managing the lines. We want to get into the simulcast live stream of "The Last Jedi" panel on the Behind the Scenes stage. It clearly states in the Insider's Guide and on the website that wristbands are NOT required for the Behind The Scenes stage, only for the Celebration and Galaxy stages. We ask a Black shirted staffer about wristbands. All gone. I ask about the Behind the Scenes stage. She says we cannot get in. We ask where the medical queue is. We are told "Go that way", and she points in the direction of the show floor. We head that way and ask another person where the medical line is. They say that "I think it's down at the end".

    We get to the wall nearest the show floor. There is a hand written sign aboout five feet off the ground that says "VIP/Medical". There are barriers controlling the flow of the line here. We follow the line towards the back of the hall, where the barriers end and the line turns into a mass of people, just milling around. No staff to be seen at this end. No barriers to help control the line. An fan tells us the medical line is against the wall, but it continues around the corner and the back of it "is down there somewhere". We cannot reach "down there somehere" because we have a wheelchair and cannot get through this unorganized crowd. I spot someone in a motorized chair, in what looks like it might be a line, see they are pointed toward the show floor, and muscle us into a position near them. Doing this was easier than attempting to find the back of a medical queue that was "back there somewhere". Again, NO staff back here to help.

    We finally get to the show floor. I decide to take matters into my own hands, and we finally find an elevator (I found exactly two elevators in the ENTIRE building. I don't recall seeing a sign for an elevator). We go upstairs to the Behind the Scenes stage. We hold up our medical badges, and a Black shirt sees our wheelchair, and motions for us to come in a different entrance and we are escorted to the front row to see the simulcast. Contrary to what some of the Orange shirts told us downstairs.

    In Anaheim, "The Force Awakens" panel was streamed into several different rooms, including the Collector's Stage. Why wasn't "The Last Jedi" panel streamed into more rooms? More people could have seen it, and it could have relieved some the congestion. The fact that is was only on three stages in Orlando makes NO sense, and is yet another example of poor planning on the part of ReedPop.

    I found two information booths in the whole venue with the black and white Insider's Guides to give out. I recall at other cons there were tables/kiosks set up with stacks of free guides. I also recall seeing more info booths before.

    Fortunately, I did not get an autograph or photo op this time, but heard from many people that Topps dropped the ball on both fronts, with fans having to organize themselves into lines. If fans are managing themselves, exactly what are paid staff doing?

    I feel that a lot of corners were cut here to maximize profit:
    -print less signs to save money
    -print less guides to save money
    -hiring less staff to save money
    -not spending the man hours to meet with OCCC staff to train/inform them also saves money

    Seeing photos on Twitter of Mary Franklin (head of ReedPop) giving out pins at the con, while the line of fans outside is left unmanned, is unprofessional on a level that I cannot even begin to describe.

    I do not blame Lucasfilm/Disney for this. LFL had some excellent content, with surprise guests, great panels, and a new trailer. The fan and collecting groups had some excellent content.

    ALL of this was tarnished by the poor organization of ReedPop.

    Star Wars fans deserve better. We PAID for better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrawnLover View Post
    Oh my god, thats Celebration 2 level s**t right there. The longest line I waited in once the show started was 90 minutes at the show store. And judging how terrible the show store was run at Anaheim this was a HUGE improvement and I accepted it. I'm really sorry you had your first day wasted, thats terrible. You shouldn't have to buy a ticket to spend 9 hours waiting in lines.
    it was a bit ridiculous but worth the wait (not the pain as I was in full Jedi Gear and my feet swelled up in my boots that day.. took a while to get my feet out of them and then spent the rest of the trip somewhat limping from the pain). I've never run into a problem before with getting the photps and the autographs. I think at CV I waited 15 minutes to get Carrie Fisher's autograph and the majority of the autographs I've got over the years the longest before CVIII was for Robert Englund at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill NJ and that was only 45 minutes...

    I think for C IX if Topps is still the company in charge of autographs they should open 1-2 hours before the show and allow the fans to purchase the autographs beforehand to avoid the crazy 3 hour queue lines. they should also have representatives that can collect money at the smaller tables of guests as well. there were times that Billy Dee Williams line was only 10 people deep... if they had allowed fans to pay at the table it would have been so much easier for the fans in general.
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    As a first time attender (yeah don't know why it took me so long lol), I have to say that for the most part I really enjoyed it. The only thing I was really bummed about was arriving around 10pm and not being able to make the Last Jedi panel on the Galaxy stage. Really wanted one of those posters they handed. I walked over to the Hasbro line (which already people) and pulled my chair and camped out there instead. Now I regret not lining up for at least the Carrie Fischer tribute line. Also not being able to walk out of there with any Funko Pops whatsoever bothered me.

    It was also cool meeting some of the old school FL members from the group in person after interacting online with them for so many years. The forum badge was a nice touch for me as well.

    I agree on everything else that has been said though...there didn't seem to be many helpful employees with info around. It took me almost all day to finally realize there was a second floor with the panels since everyone I asked would tell me that all the action was downstairs. But the crowd for the most part awesome, can't really say I had any bad experiences. Definitely will like to make the next one. Is there a picture thread anywhere? I'll be the first one. I'm the one on the right.

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    Biggest complaint were the jerks who lined up days in advance for the 40th panel. They set the tone for the weekend and caused everyone to panic and line up extra early when the original rules were no one could line up before 8pm
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Zayne View Post
    Biggest complaint were the jerks who lined up days in advance for the 40th panel. They set the tone for the weekend and caused everyone to panic and line up extra early when the original rules were no one could line up before 8pm
    That seems like an over reaction. They didn't set the tone for the weekend. That's just how it is. From what I heard pre-con, the queue hall was scheduled to open at 8. It did.

    I heard people were lining up at least at noon if not earlier in Anaheim. In Anaheim I arrived at 6:30 pm and a volunteer told me there was 1500 people in front of me. That's just how it is. There was nothing different this time around.

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    Celebration sent an email out looking for feedback. I hope all of you take some time to fill out their survey. It seems we all had the same pain points.

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