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Thread: Vintage 2019 Figure Want List

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    Vintage 2019 Figure Want List

    I thought I'd start up a separate thread - If the new Vintage Collection (2018) is the last Vintage carded line ever what figures are a "must have" for this line from all the movies? So that we can finally have closure to this line and be satisfied when it's all done and over?

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    Oooh, since vintage style packaging really screams nostalgia to me I don't feel right nominating anything but OT figures. Of course, we'll see loads of PT, ST and R1 figures on these cards anyway, but I'd be just as fine getting those in regular packaging. Here are my OT wants:

    -Klaatu (vintage Skiff Guard figure)
    -Yak Face
    -Bespin Guard with mustache
    -Lobot (if the rumours of a new figure are true)
    -Blue Power Droid
    -Mon Mothma
    -ANH Leia (VOTC figure with TLC "Medical Frigate" arms)
    -Obi-Wan Kenobi (TLC figure)
    -Red Leader
    -Rebel Commando (green jumpsuit like vintage figure)
    -General Veers in officer's uniform (can later use this mold in battle packs, etc)
    -Snaggletooth/ Takeel

    I'm sure there are dozens more, but that's good for now.
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    Hoping for a return of the Vintage Collection vehicles. Someone did a mockup of what the TESB Star Destroyer would look like with TVC packaging, a few years ago. Loved it, and I'd gladly pay for that. I know they're afraid of playsets, but you could call it a big vehicle! And I know they not going to do a mini-rig or anything from the Droids or Holiday Special cartoons, but an INT-4 would be cool beyond words.

    As for figures, I was always mad that we never got a TVC Count Dooku, Nute Gunray, Death Star Droid, 8D8, Skiff Guard Klaatu, AT-AT Driver, AT-ST Driver or a General Veers (I'd be happy with the AT-AT Commander figure but with the old Imperial Commander card art!), so those are on my wish list for older stuff.

    As for the two new films, of course, Phasma, Hux, Kylo Ren, Snoke, Krennic, Death Trooper, Flame Trooper, First Order Snowtrooper, First Order TIE Pilot, Beach Trooper, and a new Tarkin (without the "lady skirt" please). And I'm sure TLJ will have a new cast of great villains.

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    I'd really like them to do a new Bespin Escape Leia:

    The last one was in 2001? Hasbro could even kitbash this figure quite easily using a repaint of the Black Series Hoth Leia, with new legs and the Bespin Gown Leia head.

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    I know its Hasbro but i'd like to see some generic female troops eventually.
    Either Hoth or Endor, slap a Battlefront logo on the card if they need to.

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    My signature says it all, make as many Jabba goons as possible before this ride is over. Obviously the originals should be done first, then move onward. Since I believed it was over, any of them here on out is gravy.

    For closure I guess finishing the rest of the vintage figures for those fans. Although I really don't want to pay for a single jawa.

    When it comes to the other films, and new figures, there's a few. A new TPM Amidala throne room dress would be ideal, Senator Palpatine would be nice, they have the head. ATOC Dooku, why not. ROTS Padme's empire speech dress. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru deserve some love. Finish off Leia's looks with Bespin escape and the unreleased ewok dress. Mon Mothma, RO, ROTJ, pick one. TFA Han in normal jacket, General Organa
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    I would be very happy to see a new Muftak, Kabe,Nabrun Leids and Hammerhead.
    also new duros danz borin, wuher,tonnikas, solomahal, the fly man, anyone from the cantina. tessek, bib fortuna, yakface,nute gunray.
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    Hasbro please make a Super articulated Nabrun Leids!

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    Sim aloo
    Jan Dondonna
    Cin Drallig
    Pong Krell
    Blue Leader

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    I can't think of much that hasn't already been pitched that's truly essential, but I would like to see an SA Cpt. Antilles or Gen. Dodonna - R1 offers a nice excuse for those - and Colonel Yularen's cameo on Rebels gives him a boost, too, in my opinion. Both the TCW and OT versions are highly expensive figures, and the film version's never been single-carded, not to mention he's more striking than most Imperial officers, plus possibility of reusing parts. R1 also boosts Red Leader.

    Bail Organa is a PT character who I think has earned a Vintage cardback. I'm also very fond of Count Dooku, and would re-buy a version I already have on a Vintage card, although I would hope for the Geonosis Arena version I don't have, or a new/kitbashed sculpt. I think a ROTS Tarkin would be a perfect opportunity to create something totally new, but also an excuse to alter the sculpt (skirt and color?) for the possibility of a new R1/ANH version down the line.

    TFA/R1? Well, a lot of characters from those movies deserve the SA treatment, but nobody's sticking out to me as especially necessary but unlikely. I'm not super fond of the Gen. Hux character, but a removable hat and jacket would be pretty ******.

    Also as a general note, a ton of 6" sculpts could use downsizing. I'm very jealous of the realistic Rebels sculpts - I would go nuts for that Hera, and while the SA Thrawn from 2008 is a favorite figure of mine, I think we could use a fresh crack at him, with the yellow epaulettes and a blue-er skin tone.

    My intention in this post was to avoid what's been said, but scrolling up, it looks like I've been beaten to many of these as it is.

    I suppose the point here is must-haves though, not stuff in general we'd like to see, and the true must-haves for me would be a better Hux, Dooku, Antilles, Dodonna, Yularen, and while I love the aliens from the background, none of the unused ones feel individually necessary to me, save maybe a new Hammerhead. I love the aliens, but nobody sticks out as better than the rest of the lot, so to speak.

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