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Thread: Vintage 2019 Figure Want List

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    Hopefully that all new tooling Darth Vader's TIE Advanced they mentioned years ago will finally make it's way into production. But this is about figures, sorry. back on topic in no special order...

    Sim Aloo
    Yak Face
    Admiral Screed
    Mungo Baobab
    full SA Amanaman
    Imperial Gunner (update the swivel arms)
    ANH Leia (VOTC Leia just doesn't hold up any more, and no soft goods please)
    Admiral/Captain Piett (interchangeable rank and for the love of God use the same legs from TVC Tarkin not the old DS Trooper legs)
    updated Death Star Briefing room Officer set (include all of the officers this time, full SA)
    Rogue One Imperial Officers in trench coats/long jackets
    ultimate completely new Stormtrooper/Sandtrooper
    ANH TIE Fighter Pilot variant they've never made (only OT Imperial Pilot they're missing)
    Rogue One TIE Pilot (or include the alternate helmet with the ANH TIE Fighter Pilot)
    the few OT Rebel Pilot's they haven't made yet, plus Blue Squadron and other pilots from Rogue One.
    female X-Wing Pilot from TFA
    Commander Iden Versio (from Battlefront 2)
    Imperial Sentinel Droid (comics/Battlefront 2)
    Imperial Hovertank Driver
    AT-ACT Driver
    Shoretrooper Squad Leader
    Shoretrooper Captain
    black jumpsuit Death Star Trooper/Navy Trooper (with hat and helmet)
    Nik Sant (blond bearded Rebel Endor Commando)
    Baron Soontir Fel (flight suit)
    Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Jagged Fel
    Turr Phennir
    Maarek Stele (flight suit and uniform, include interchangeable bare left fore arm with the sleeve rolled up showing Emperor's Reach tattoo)
    Dash Rendar
    Emperor Palpatine (get one right for once that is finally a real improvement over the POTF2 figure)
    Admiral Ozzel
    Moff Jerjerrod
    Captain Lennox
    Captain Antilles
    General Jan Dodonna
    General Madine
    Major Bren Derlin
    General Carlist Rieekan
    General Veers
    Lando (ESB Bespin suit)
    Mon Calamari Crew (ROTJ)
    Mon Calamari Crew (Rogue One)
    Admiral Raddus
    Director Krennic
    Admiral Yularen (Republic Officer uniform not Imperial)
    Mon Mothma
    Probe Droid
    Bail Organa (Rogue One)
    Imperial V-Wing Pilot
    Tusken Raider (updated arms)
    Imperial Ground Crew
    Bodhi Rook
    Chirrut Imwe
    Baze Malbus
    Saw Gerrera
    First Order Flametrooper
    First Order Snowtrooper
    First Order TIE Pilot
    General Hux
    Any First Order and Resistance Officers
    Ello Asty
    Nien Nunb (TFA)
    Snap Wexley
    Poe Dameron (Jakku/First Order prisoner)
    Finn (FO Stormtrooper with removable helmet)
    Maz Kanata
    doctor that works on Chewie in TFA
    General Leia (TFA)

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    All the VOTC stuff needs to be released in the 'proper' TVC line, with new sculpts hopefully (Han, Leia, Luke, Lando, Obi-Wan etc)

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    Personally, I have no interest in resculpts for the most part - the real must for me is new characters. Sim Aloo is the example I tend to use, he's a Kenner figure, that Hasbro seemingly neglected to put in any of their modern lines.

    If Hasbro already released a character with limited articulation, but with a good sculpt, I don't want a new version instead of a new character.

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    Can't really say "must have" but beside the obvious missing modern redo from the OT, i've already put up a list of nearly 200 figures from TFA and RO only that i'd be happy to purchase

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_sidious View Post
    Personally, I have no interest in resculpts for the most part - the real must for me is new characters.
    I have interest in both : )

    VOTC Han, Luke and Leia are well over a decade old and look it. If you're relaunching TVC, core characters are a 'must have' 'so that we can finally have closure to this line and be satisfied when it's all done and over'. If the line ended without Sim Aloo that's not the end of the world but it's criminal if it ended without Farmboy Luke.

    Not that anything we're saying here carries any weight with anyone who matters.
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    I'll take a lot of flack for this but I see cantina patrons and Jabba's henchmen as a waste of slots that would be better filled by rebels and imperials. It's Star WARS not Star HENCHMEN. Therefore my own preferences are faction heavy.

    Chirrut Imwe
    Baze Malbus
    Bodhi Rook
    Saw Guerrera
    Director Krennic
    Galen Erso
    I expect to see all of the above at some point in the relative near future. In addition:
    Admiral Raddus
    General Merrick Blue Leader
    Mon Mothma
    Bail Organa
    Sergeant Melshi
    Captain Oquone
    Rebel Commandos and RFTs
    Pedrin Gall (Red 5)
    Various Blue Squadron pilots

    Theron Nett Red 10
    General Jan Dodonna
    Captain Antilles
    Lt. Daine Jir
    Cdr. Praji

    General Reeikan
    Snowspeer Hobbie or Zev Senesca update

    Gray Leader Horton Salm
    Gray 2 Lt. Telsij
    Red 7 Keir Santage
    Rebel Commando jumpsuit
    Female Rebel Commando
    Imperial Dignitary

    General Hux
    FO Officers
    FO Snowtroopers
    Snap Wexley
    Jess Pava
    Ello Asty
    Hasbro, if you're listening, REBEL PILOT MULTIPACK! Rogue One: Antoc Merrick, Blue Leader. A New Hope: Theron Nett, Red 10. Empire Strikes Back: Rogue 4, Hobbie Klivian Snowspeeder. Return of the Jedi: Horten Salm, Gray Leader. All easy kitbashes, all unique, a guaranteed best seller.

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    I think there sbould be a "definitive" run of the best of everything! By now we've gotten the best sculpts of dmn near everything. One last reissue of the best figures and vehicles to date. Best versions of every character they've done. Every character and every wardrobe and every vehicle on or in vintage style packaging.

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    Okay, here's my list(s):

    Battle Droid Commander
    Captain Tarpals
    Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine)
    Captain Typho
    Padme Amidala (Theed Battle)
    Here Sabé (Queen Amidala decoy)
    Naboo Starfighter

    Boba Fett
    Count Dooku
    Senator Palpatine
    Padme Amidala (Pilot)
    Clone Commander (VC45 sculpt)
    Even Piell
    Retooled Obi-Wan's Starfighter

    Ki Adi Mundi
    Bail Organa
    Chancellor Palpatine (swappable head and hands)
    Wookie Warrior
    Zett Jukassa
    Shaak Ti
    Bail Organa's Speeder

    Rogue One
    Jyn Erso (Jedha)
    Cassian Andor (Jedha)
    Chirrut Imwe
    Director Krenic
    General Draven
    Blue Leader
    Blue Squadron X-Wing

    Luke Skywalker
    Princess Leia
    Jan Dodonna
    Red Leader
    Han Solo (Stormtrooper dsisguise)
    Darth Vader's TIE

    Bespin Escape Leia
    Bespin Lando Calrissian
    Hoth Rebel Trooper
    Zev Senesca
    General Veers
    Hoth Troop Transport

    Admiral Piett
    Ewok Dress Leia
    Dalmation Ewok
    Mon Mothma
    General Madine
    Tatooine Skiff

    Han Solo
    Poe Dameron (Jakku)
    General Leia Organa
    Ello Asty
    General Hux
    FO Officer
    Resistance X-Wing
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    All figures SA, of course. This could get a little long...

    -Captain Panaka - THE PHANTOM MENACE
    -Queen Amidala (SA Theed Battle) - THE PHANTOM MENACE

    -Senator Padme Amidala (Palpatine's office) - ATTACK OF THE CLONES
    -Cliegg Lars - ATTACK OF THE CLONES
    -Dexter Jettster (SA) - ATTACK OF THE CLONES
    -Nute Gunray - ATTACK OF THE CLONES

    -Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious (SA Office duel) - REVENGE OF THE SITH
    -BD-3000 Droid - REVENGE OF THE SITH
    -Cin Drallig - REVENGE OF THE SITH
    -Nute Gunray - REVENGE OF THE SITH
    -Darth Vader (medical capsule) - REVENGE OF THE SITH
    -Senator Amidala (declaration of the Empire) - REVENGE OF THE SITH
    -Emporer Palpatine (red robes, declaration of the Empire) - REVENGE OF THE SITH

    -Jyn Erso (Jedha) - ROGUE ONE
    -Cassian Andor (Jedha) - ROGUE ONE
    -K-2SO - ROGUE ONE-Director Krennic - ROGUE ONE-Bodhi Rook - ROGUE ONE-Saw Gerrera - ROGUE ONE
    -Chirrut Imwe - ROGUE ONE
    -Baze Malbus - ROGUE ONE
    -Sgt. Melshi - ROGUE ONE
    -General Draven - ROGUE ONE
    -Mon Mothma - ROGUE ONE
    -Bail Organa - ROGUE ONE
    -General Dodonna - ROGUE ONE
    -General Merrick - ROGUE ONE
    -Admiral Raddus - ROGUE ONE-Shoretrooper Squad Leader - ROGUE ONE-Captain Oquone (Lightbringer Captain)- ROGUE ONE
    -Captain Antilles - ROGUE ONE

    to be continued...

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    I know it's anyone's guess but how likely are we to get some new or remade vehicles? I don't have a Falcon and although not too good have been looking at the Nerf one as price has come down. I will hold off if there should be something at least up to par with POTF falcon. I would also like to see more troopers from both sides with different head sculps and some new x wings and tie fighters.

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