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Thread: Disney Sandcrawler Playset

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedimasterc View Post
    That is the one thing I don’t like. The control room does not connect to the main hold.
    That's my one major gripe about it. I can let the basically blank interior slide, and the treads being a little small I can ignore, but the no connection between the control room and the hold, like the original... tsk tsk.

    It occurs to me that sounds like I'm being sarcastic, I'm not, it really is the one thing that really bugs me about it.

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    40% off all toys on Shop Disney now. It's 60 bucks.

    Well, nevermind. Looks like the sale ended a few minutes ago. It seems to have been running for at least 90 minutes. The terms and conditions only said the words 'fine print' so it may have been a glitch.
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    Wow that would have been a good price for a terrific toy.

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