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Thread: R3-h17

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    Christmas 2017 we can look forward to another new Disney droid, R3-H17.

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    Hahah, that mistletoe. Pretty nice color scheme on this one. I can't wait to add it to my holiday astros collection.

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    Awesome looking droid and I love the new colour pallette.
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    Yes, I really like this one!
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    Disney seemed to have learned to tone down the deco. I like this wave, this R3 head especially.
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    I wonder where in the SW universe does it fit?

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    I really like this one above all the other one so far.

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    Yeah I really like one. It's probably my favorite out the lot. The mistletoe is a really nice touch.
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    Since Disney is playing "ha-ha you can't get this unless you are in the Park" again, I ordered from eBay. I called this morning with a sku number and they told me not available to ship. I'd rather spend the few extra bucks and have it than deal with the faux friendliness at the Disney merch hotline.

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    I guess I planned my Disney vacation poorly. I was at the parks the week after BOO sold out, and the the week before these started showing up. Dammit.

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