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    Halloween's droid this year will be ghost-themed and transparent. Welcome R3-BOO17 ...

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    I'm kind of a sucker for the transparent look, so this guy is definitely cool in my book! Would be nice to have an extra copy of the dome if the green matched other droid parts, but seems way too neon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okami View Post
    I'm kind of a sucker for the transparent look, so this guy is definitely cool in my book!
    Ditto; plus, green's my favorite color! I told myself at the beginning of all this that I would try to limit my Disney BAD purchases to those whose color schemes look like they could conceivably fit within the background of one of the movies or shows, but I'll GLADLY make an exception for this guy.

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    Disney are killing it this year with the carded exclusives!
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    I am very excited for this one. The Disney Holiday droids are becoming a VERY FUN tradition.

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    Yeah, I agree about the transparency thing. Kind of kool. However, the color choice reminds me of slimer.
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    Big thumbs up from me. While I don't like transparent droids especially, this one is great, and an R3 as well.
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    Is it even a 'glow-in-the-dark' thing they have? It looks almost like the Grinch trying to be a part of the SW universe.

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    This is the only mech out the newly announced ones I'm not keen on, I'm just not a fan of the transparency.
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    Right there with you on that one. I want droids that can slide in with the rest of my collection. I'll most likely pick this one up for the dome alone and not use the transparent body or legs. I guess in someone's collection it could represent a hologram of a droid or something, but I'm not keen on it and never picked up that holo-blue R2 we got a few years ago for the same reason.

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