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Thread: Celebration Orlando: Forum Member Badges

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    I would Like one Please

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    Hey chris, can you hook me up with one?!?
    it is what it is!

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    I'll take one! Thank you guys for doing this. I'll pick up from table.

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    I'll like one as well. Thanks Chris!

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    I'll take one and thanks again for doing this.

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    I'd also like one of them. Big thanks.
    James Earl Jones: "I've one thing to say to people like you...I like Star Wars too!"

    The Big Bang Theory-Season 7, Episode 14

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    Yes please! Thanks again!

    Want Palitoy ESB 45A Back (Blue Circle Offer) 2-1B MOC and Palitoy ESB 30B cardbacks for first 12 figures

    Mr Palitoy's Cardback Guide

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    I would be honored if you make one for me. Thanks very much.

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    I'd like one!
    "I'm usually pretty good about taking orders."
    "If occasionally reinterpreting them rather thoroughly."
    Wedge-Starfighters of Adumar

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    Please count me in as well...awesome that you guys do this. Looking forward to meeting some new folks at the con!

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