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Thread: Celebration Orlando: Running Stormtrooper

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    Celebration Orlando: Running Stormtrooper

    The Celebration Running Stormtrooper needs some help!

    About 12 months ago, one of our own forum members, a Running Stormtrooper, became an internet sensation with over 2.1 million hits on ‘Lad Bible’. Here is an article written on which explains what he was up to.

    For 2017, this trooper has upped his game and he will once again be running a few Half Marathons and also the London Marathon on April 23rd (world record attempt), however these are just the warm up events as he has decided to take it to the next level! To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars and to try and raise the profile of Make-a-Wish, on May the 4th he will be running 40 miles around the park adjacent to the world famous Pinewood studios. The final part of this Ultra-run will see him run through the gates of Pinewood and up to the Lucasfilm buildings.

    So, what does this have to do with Celebration?

    The Running Stormtrooper will have a part to play in the forthcoming Star Wars Celebration at one of the Fan Tables. You will find him there everyday, sometimes running on a treadmill (a Celebration first). He will be running at least a Half Marathon all 4 days of the show.

    There's just one problem... he is flying in from the UK and can’t really bring a treadmill in his carry-on luggage! He needs to borrow one from April 12th-16th. He has already contacted the Orange County Convention Center asking for help and they cannot, but they have forwarded his request on to ReedPOP to see if they can help. He’s concerned that he might run out of time to get something sorted before the show.

    Naturally, he'd be happy to give whoever assists some recognition on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.

    This is his Stormtrooper Marathon – Make A Star Wars Wish Facebook page and he has made a quick promotional video explaining what he is doing here.

    Are you able to assist? If so, please comment here and let him know.
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    Just doing some research i found a place called Fitness Logic in orlando, that services and rents(delivered) gym equipment.

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    ill share the page on the 2 largest SWCO FB groups. there are many locals. someone will surely step up. I would think those running the fan table he will be at should be able to secure the logistics quite easily since they are already in the system with reedpop. unless its too late for changes.

    i hope this works out. love the story.

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    I've been in communication with the Running Stormtrooper. He thanks Chris, EChosen and DarthBaldylox for their help, and really appreciates having this help thread on the forum.
    He's actually on his own as this will be a dedicated fan booth for The Running Stormtrooper by all accounts!
    He has already emailed South eastern Fitness, 'I rent anything' and the fitlogic guys detailed above, but alas no one has replied.
    Hopefully something will turn up. Cheers,

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    glad to help. surely one of these place, or more to come. will do it for free since it charity. i have a few friends w/in 60mi of orlando and im placing calls to them as well to see if they can find something for free

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    I called Fit Logic yesterday and the call was just returned, 5am pst..i was already up, just surprised to get a call at 5. The guy i spoke with really didn't seem excited about delivering to OCCC. This is what he said, typically drop off to a hotel for a event $100/day. Thats a quick and easy in/out, but delivery/pickup from OCCC is usually a very long process, it can be super easy if lucky but typically theres a lot of waiting in line both ways. He didn't give an amt but did say cost for this would be pretty substantial and that he wouldn't be able to "help" the cause. But i think for a fee he would,.. anyways I'm up way too early, so ill try to call a couple more places..

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    i think the "time in/out" will be an issue for anyone. I'm really hoping RP can flex some muscle and step up here for this. last trade show i worked, we had to wait in line for a few hours while the union workers slowly made progress to my items while waiting on the dock. then, going out, same thing. you'd think with a treadmill, with mobile wheels, you could haul in/out quite easily via the front door and forget them all together. Doesn't usually work that way.

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    Golds Gym (3 miles away from OCCC) and Anytime Fitness (8 miles away) have both been emailed. Fingers crossed.

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    I called Gym Source, quoted $350/wk & $150 delivery each way. I didnt get into specifics about less days, discount or charitable help. This is the machine for the price quoted.
    I can msg u info if interested and let you guys hash out the deets.

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    Thanks so much for trying that for me, but the plan is to hope that a company/gym/hotel will see the charitable side of this and simply make a gesture without looking at an opportunity to profit. If someone were to loan something gratis the they would be rewarded with plenty of social media positivity and good publicity afterwards.
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