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Thread: My Diorama Compilation

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    My Diorama Compilation

    You can see more Dioramas on my YouTube Channel:

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    I like your use of photoshop and all the paper parts.

    Bobba's was fun but I think the Scarrif on needed a tiny sand castle in it.

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    Nice job! lots of good stuff.
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    I love this Bar!

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    Everything looks great, job well done!

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    Really nice work, here. I really like the Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite one.
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    I love them all, especially the Mandos. Mandalorian starship is now at the top of my must haves!

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    Great pics, but the shot of the Hoth snowtroopers is hilarious!!

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    Thank you for all your nice comments. Here are a few more dioramas:

    You can see more Dioramas on my YouTube Channel:

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    Very cool! You've got a great collection and some really cool dios! I like the one with the propaganda posters!

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    These are all great. Looks like you really had a blast constructing them. I really like the Thrawn and Kylo ones.
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