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Thread: Tusken Raider

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    I'm not saying no to new Alien designs. But to see none of the oldies that we've known for the last thirty years seems illogical. Even if the Galaxy is big, you'd run into a few here an there. But it felt like to me, unless you were Ackbar or Nien your species wasn't represented. It's not like going from Scotland to Hong Kong, where there's a prominent difference. Even if they were in a totally different sector of space, there's still the idea of the Senate and the Representatives of each Government. The change/interjection should have been gradual.

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    They're played out in a way so I'm up for new alien designs.
    No more played out than all the Human movies with the same boring Humans every time.
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    It gets really repetitive having the same alien species over and over again especially in different regions of the Galaxy. It's a big universe so new species are welcomed, it helps keep it fresh and new instead of the same old again.
    True, but the humans seem to be everywhere.
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    I hate swivel joints.

    If I was going to boil and pop the arms out from the shoulders, what arms would fit in their place? I need something a similar colour that also has balljointed elbows.

    Anyone already done this? Would Dr Evazan or Owen Lars arms work?

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    Super articulated Owen Lars figures arent that cheap as far as I remember.

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    I'd look at SA Qui-Gon just from a price point.
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    Just nabbed a few Tuskens on walmart dot com for $4 each
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    Just a heads up. There's a lone Tusken Raider on for $4. Problem is I can't seem to check out with it because I get the error message that it can't be shipped or picked up from my ZIP code. Maybe there's someone out there that can actually buy it. Good luck!
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