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Thread: Luke Skywalker with Ach-To Environmental Piece

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    Got this over the weekend for $14.98 from my local Target.
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    Same thing here, hopefully new product will take over those slots maybe first thing in October.
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    I bought one today. Love it with the Island Rey and some Porgs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ121 View Post
    I meant to ask this under my other post. Still hate the no edit here. Has anyone officially seen this figure on clearance at Target yet? I missed the $14.99 sale way back, and passed on the $20.99 sale. I'd like to pick it up because of the added soft goods, and use the diorama for the 3.75" figures, if I can ever find the damn Walmart Rey.
    Varies from store to store, but yes. Saw it for $14.98 at one location this weekend, but it's still $20.98 at the location nearest me.

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    Brickseek in my area says $14.98, but one of the stores on the list still has it for full price, but I've noticed the Brickseek prices don't kick in until Thursdays.
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    Got one yesterday for $15 and they had at least 10 on the self. Today there was none.

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    These are still shelf warming at half price in my area.

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    These are now $8 and change at my local Target with plenty on the shelf. I was seriously thinking about getting another one just to have an extra base for something, but I got bigger fish to fry. I'm saving my pennies for other things on the horizon.

    BTW, the BB-8 mega playset is around $50 on clearance as well.
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    Just in case anyone missed this item

    Sale end today!

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