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Thread: The Last Jedi - General Film Discussion Thread

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    so with Disney in control. anyone can have a cameo...Daniel craig, a royal prince, and now carrot-top? or did they digitally recreate Larry Fine

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    Interestingly, I was watching Star Trek: Into Darkness last night and couldn't help but notice the big darker enterprise that was coincidentally "dreadnaught" class and had a couple of big cannons underneath it. Sort of like the bigger darker Star Destroyer, which was called a dreadnaught, and had two big cannons underneath it. ...hmph.

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    Now that Iíve watched the teaser for EP9 I started thinking of ways that EP9 could make me actually accept TLJ.
    Possibly even "like" it.


    If the Emperor was behind it all, as a Force Ghost.

    He got in to Lukeís head, and almost made him kill Ben Solo.
    Once Luke realized that the Emperor could manipulate him, that is why he retreated to the island and shut himself off from the Force.
    To protect the people he cared about, from himself.

    The Emperor was using Snoke as a puppet to continue to manipulate Kylo Ren.
    Snoke really wasnít very important, he was simply a figurehead for the Emperor, so any backstory for him was unimportant.
    He may not have even had the Force, thus he didnít see Kylo killing him. He was just saying what Palpatine told him to say.

    Luke finally realized that the only way to destroy the Emperor, Force ghost and all, was to be a Force ghost himself.
    So he basically sacrificed himself, similar to how Obi Wan did, to put himself in a better position to deal with the bigger picture.

    The main problem I have now, is that Iím sure the actual story of what happens / happened will be nothing like this.
    I will probably find EP9 to be ďmehĒ, and Iíll still dislike TLJ VERY much.
    Only now Iíll also be able to think about simple things, that couldíve been done to make the stories more cohesive, heroic, tragic, and logical.
    But were ignored, because ďhey look, Rey parkour jumping over a TIE Fighter! Isnít that so cool?! She IS the legend for her generation!Ē.

    Now get off my lawn, and let me go back to b****ing about how they can make it look like Cushing and Fisher were in RO, but they still canít make a CGI Jabba look as good as the ROTJ puppet.

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