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Thread: The Last Jedi - General Film Discussion Thread

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    Post The Last Jedi - General Film Discussion Thread

    Please use this thread to discuss any general movie news or information related to episode 8 The Last Jedi, this thread will be the spoiler discussion thread in this section.

    Please note this is a SPOILER THREAD and spoilers may be discussed freely in here, if your attempting to be spoiler please do not read this thread (you have been warned!) and probably best stay clear of this section till after the movie is released.

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    Rey does fight like Palpatine but this is the skywalker saga so REy being a main character I think she has to be a skywalker.

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    Her hair looks a bit like Qui-Gon's in the new packaging photo. Maybe she's related to him?

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    Would have to be a grand daughter or great uncle. His death was along time before her birth.

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    Volker posted over at his SW website that the official German titel for TLJ is:

    Star Wars: Die Letzten Jedi

    That's plural, so I guess this whole game of plural-singular can start again.
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    The official title in french has been revealed as well, and it's plural too.
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    There's a rumor that's been circulating regarding Rey. And it may mean we'll see a pre-duel version of Rey released prior to the theatrical release. And a post-duel version will probably follow a month or two after the film comes out.

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    As typical with all the movies.

    While the plural thing is an interesting debate, it's their language structure. Otherwise wouldn't they go with Last of the Jedi here in English states? Here in America The Last Jedi infers the singular.
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