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Thread: Unreleased Star Wars Figures

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    The unreleased shadow trooper kind of reminds me of a Cobra trooper , and it seems that maybe they we trying to get out of the unmasked clone approach.
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    Those accessories are cool looking, would be nice to see them out again. Something Hasbro needs to consider reusing for filler. While straight accessory packs aren't ideal, I feel the underestimate peoples interest in the random pack-in. And not always needing to be a Blaster, or in the case of Luke. Nothing...
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    We need to add unreleased accessories to the list. The new Vintage Tie Figther box shows off 2 accessories and that have never been released. Its two boxes or something. What other accessories are there that we know to exist?

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    Those are likely 3D printed & hand painted mockups, used only for the photograph, I'm doubting those were ever tooled for release. They do the same thing for comic con dioramas.

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