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Thread: Unreleased Star Wars Figures

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    oh yes ds, I forgot about that obi-wan mini well as this one that was lost w/ it
    btw, did that obi-wan fig get released elsewhere?

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    No idea, sorry. I was never interested in TCW figures just the vehicles.
    May you live in interesting times.

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    I'm thinking the head on the cw obi-wan w/ sculpted communicator is unique to the cancelled mini-rig set but the body may not be new or at least has been released later

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    I never knew there was an unreleased trooper and utapuan. Where are you guys digging these pictures up? I remember the unreleased droids that were scrapped from the build a droid line.

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    This is the convention image of the second Utai, I've had it saved for years. It should have been released like the alternate Ugnaught.

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    There was a holographic Nute Gunray that never made it to market back in the Episode I days.

    I was always kind of disappointed that the Utai running change never got released. Those guys needed a little diversity.

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    That is really cool. Looking at the Gunray holo I went down the rebelscum rabbit hole and found the holo amidala

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    I still want Hasbro to release the original, screen accurate Teebo head. I know the rumor is Lucasfilm themselves were the ones that didn't want it. But since Lucas has changed hands since this set was produced, maybe there is a chance it could be released. A single-carded Teebo on a Vintage Collection card would be perfect for this re-release with the original head we never got.

    Most Wanted
    Arleil Schous/Aunt Beru/Barada/BespEsc Leia/Cane Adiss/Cantina Bnd Mmbr/8D8/EV9D9/Ewk Leia/Fozec/Garouf Lafoe/Lak Sivrak/Lars GNK/Lobot/Momaw Nadon/MonMothma/Motti/Piett/Reegesk/SB Weequay/Shasa Tiel/Sim Aloo/Solomahal/Sy Snootles (puppet)/Taym Drengaren/Tessek/Tzizvvt/Velken Tezari/21B/Wuher/Yerka Mig/Yotts Orren/Yoxgit

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    Tzizvvt for me...along with the updated Yak Face that was rumored. And don't even get me started with the ones that will never happen, the Tonnika sisters.

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