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Thread: DVD / BlueRay release ?

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    Pre order solo from best buy already..
    Looking forward to its release..

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    I'll probably get the Target version
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandalorian1129 View Post
    So in regards to Solo release on 4K/Blu-ray there will be a Best Buy exclusive steelbook & Target will be having an exclusive red model Falcon w/exclusive content.
    What are you talking about here?
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    I wish Best Buy Canada would get the Solo Steelbook up for pre-order, but I'm not so sure they are going to carry it. The Last Jedi Steelbook always showed out of stock and eventually they took the product page down, briefly put it back up but still out of stock, and then took it down permanently along with all other Star Wars Steelbooks.

    I'm contemplating ordering it on Best Buy US (along with the Fallen Kingdom Steelbook) and try out my US shipping address, even though Best Buy US say they do not ship to known freight forwarders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Ray View Post
    What are you talking about here?
    Target has a Red Card exclusive blu-ray with one of those metal model kits, but in a red color as opposed to the regular shiny metal.
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    Ah, gotcha. Didn't see that one.
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    Don't need a somewhat newer jocular since the older legacy collection hypnosis arena two pack jocular is still great and thing is that do all attack of the Clones Jedi figures really need jedi robes?

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    What's interesting is how much Star Wars films on Blu-ray typically go for now, even online. I remember seeing the OT & the PT films on sale individually in the past ten years, and - though the 2011 Blu set of all 6 (with all the special features) was somewhat pricey - the individual films were typically no more than $20 each, and you could usually get them on sale for somewhat less.

    However, these days all of the TFA-on films typically run $20-25 on Blu. And, these new SW films are also a lot more than other new films released on Blu, which can go on sale for $15 in some places the first week they're out. And, a lot of relatively new non-SW releases go down in price significantly in the 2-5 years after their initial release. Conversely, SW films are the opposite - they actually seem to go up in price, and rarely - if ever - go on sale.

    I suspect this has a lot to do with the Disney/Lflm. license being higher than other licenses (I think that's also why the SW toys are more $ than other, comparable toys). Also, with the popularity of streaming these days, physical media (Blu's/DVD's/CD's) are getting more "niche" & almost just oriented for collectors - so, it makes sense that something like this may be more $ - maybe.

    I typically try to get the newer SW films out of the library if I want to watch/re-watch them. At some point, I'd like to buy all of these on Blu (even the ST, which I'm not a huge fan of) - but only if I can get them for a decent price.
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    Probably so, as with all Disney Movies that seem to be high priced. And almost never go down under that $20 mark except for in store Sales.

    Almost every other movie can be bought fairly cheap if you shop around wait for the deal. I've gotten several in that $7 bin over the years.
    Which i guess makes up for the higher priced Disney Movies. lol
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    Yes, I'm not surprised (but am disappointed) that these newer SW Disney films rarely - if ever - do down in price. I was at Half Price Books recently (a bookstore that mainly sells used books & other used physical media, i.e. CD's, Vinyls, and DVD's/Blu-ray's) and saw the Rouge One Blu-ray - used - for $19.99....LOL. So, even used the film is going for $20. If you want to buy this new on Blu-ray, it's typically $25.
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