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Thread: DVD / BlueRay release ?

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    A story in the front page of RS had said April, I believe, but hey if that link is right about March I won't be mad!

    What extras you guys want to see on this?

    As for me: deleted scenes (all of them!) and maybe a making of. That's it. No filler crap.

    I made the mistake of getting TFA Target edition. Their "exclusive" content could only be accessed by creating some other Disney site account and then doing all this bs. And then it was just two boring short docs.
    Plus, a week or so later, they both appeared online. Freakin' Disney.
    The bigger disappointment was the movie, though.

    Really excited for the RO one release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyNoodleBoy View Post
    As for me: deleted scenes (all of them!) and maybe a making of. That's it. No filler crap.
    Same. With so many scenes cut from the movie that we saw in the trailer, there is no reason the Blu-Ray can't be loaded up with deleted scenes. Especially if what we've been reading is true and originally there was a much different Scarif sequence filmed.

    Something else I'd watch would be something in regards to Michael Giaccino taking over the task of providing a score for the movie with a time frame of only a month. The more I listened to the soundtrack, the more I liked it. It's even better when you take into consideration the short amount of time he had to work with.

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    There's always been two things I've wanted from making-of materials:

    -A thorough making-of that covers at least 75% of the making of the film's story, prop creation, including a complete walk-through of the preproduction, production, and post production.
    -A unabridged listing of deleted scenes, I don't mind how unfinished the effects are.

    I consider anything else superfluous.
    See you around, kid.

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    Me likes seeing FULL COSTUMES of background characters, especially aliens.

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    ..commentary. TFA, when that was released it was absent, but then the silly 3D edition came out w/ it. Could see the double dip a mile away, but why?, isn't this approach a bit old? Full deleted/alt. scenes & trailers, and any commentary(ies), any other docs etc would be cool, but these 2 things take precedence IMO.

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    Wow, seems like a looong way from realease.

    So now I'm wondering what the "exclusives" will start having.
    Hope there's not that much of a difference. But knowing exclusives and whatnot, you might get some good stuff with crap from one store and then some good stuff w/crap on another, etc.

    So essentially, you have to choose one unless you're willing to fork out for each store exclusive.
    But then again........eventually all the exclusive content is put out on youtube in no time.
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    I'm wondering if we'll get any kind of nice boxset or gift set with some sort of statue (like Jurassic World with the two dinosaurs).

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    I don't like to see an extended version as I got the impression that there was so much more to see.

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    Definitely getting the Target one!
    See you around, kid.

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