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Thread: Toy Fair 2017 - February 18-21

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    Ugh if that's the case, I couldn't care less. Those drivers never even physically appeared in the movie (unless I missed something). And the way the Hovertank pilots are clogging up all the pegs around here, I doubt I'll ever see this one anyway
    ​They do appear in the movie. But you only see the back of a helmet.
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    I have my doubts about Tarkin, as much as I'd love to see it to death, only because after noticing his omission from some other tie-in products, I'm wondering if he's a less glaring 'Luke in TFA' situation in that the secret was held from Hasbro, too. I hope it's not the case, I'd love to see an R1 Tarkin, badly.

    I'd also be fine if those 'DC' sets turn out to be two-packs, although a Snowtrooper and AT-AT Driver sounds at odds with the 'VS' direction we've been moving in.
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    I was under the impression that the "DC" in that list was for die-cast figures...or is that not what you are referring to?
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    Don't need a somewhat newer jocular since the older legacy collection hypnosis arena two pack jocular is still great and thing is that do all attack of the Clones Jedi figures really need jedi robes?

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    Or the die cast helmets

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    Quote Originally Posted by indysolo007 View Post
    Or the die cast helmets
    Yep. It will be the helmets.

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