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Thread: Terminator Dark Fate (2019)

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    I was kind of thinking the same. Other than Hamilton and Arnie coming back, the rest looks IDK. Odd.
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    New trailer is up! Looks great!
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    ^^^ I concur!

    A marked improvement from the first trailer also.

    Loved seeing Aerial HKs again!
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    I’m just not personally excited for this much as they’re throwing around Cameron’s name, I heard he never visited the set once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt60 View Post
    just saying.

    one of these promo shots shows "Strong Feminity"

    the other is DEVOID of "feminity", and instead, depicts "strength" via male characteristics.

    (the one in the middle is dressed exactly like Wolverine).
    Yeah, I don't see how it's "pro-woman" to imply that the only way to depict a strong female character is to erase all sense of femininity and make her act more masculine. That's actually a very dinstinctly anti-woman message.

    Anyways, the second trailer of this film does look better, but I'm not sure I'm interested. I thought T2 wrapped up the entire storyline really well and no other sequels have been necessary. Also, I don't believe that the Terminator story is strong enough of an idea to just keep rebooting it forever.
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    Only positive reviews can sway me into seeing this. This franchise is more miss than hit now.

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    Didn't do anything for me, personally. I thought it looked cornball at best with a mixture of "Trying to hard" PC politics. In retrospect, Terminator should have ended at T2.
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