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Thread: Terminator Dark Fate (2019)

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    I'm all for it. Maybe he can get it back on track.

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    The movie will be called Terminator Dark Fate and will be the follow up film to T2, everything else just never happened :p

    Arnie is back and Gabriel Luna (Agents of Shield) will be the new Terminator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gormak_Breen View Post
    Just do a new story.

    I agree..

    1st- I'm not a fan of re-boots. I too would rather just see a continued story, and/or NEW story of any kind. Especially in Sci-Fi, fantasy, superhero genres there's soooo much to explore. Seeing the same thing over, just takes a bit away before you even set foot in the theater. But alas Hollywood has no creativity anymore, and everything is so focused on inclusion and political messages anymore that they completely forget.. guess what.. to make an ENTERTAINING movie with a GOOD STORY. Superhero/Sci-Fi is th exception and about the only movies anyone pays $ to see anymore.. doubt it.. go back and look at the top movies every year.. only a few outside the genres mentioned sneak through.

    2nd- I can't stand "prequels".. any of them anymore (of course I like Star Wars.. well.. simply because it's Star Wars, and it kind of started the whole prequel thing on a grand scale. I've said it before... I just don't like going into a movie where you already know the plot ending/overall outcome and know that the main character/characters are put into a fight, or a suspenseful situation, AND YOU ALREADY KNOW THE OUTCOME IN THAT THEY SURVIVE. You take that whole HUGE suspense factor out of the equation.. it's like stepping into a movie with about a quarter of the excitement.

    Time travel/alternate reality- Have a trouble with this one also as I feel it's usually used as a copout (with movies where time travel are the main theme like a Back to the future). I call it the "Superman conundrum". When you take ANY situation and can simply turn back the clock.. again.. this takes away any/all suspense. Best friend dies.. turn back the clock, Your love interest dies.. turn back the clock, etc. NOW the only debate is "oh, so an entire city dying doesn't deserve turning back time, but your love interest dying does.. well, now your just a self-centered a hole. Now the only argument debate turns into what deserves turning back time and what doesn't.

    Oddly enough, about the only time this really worked with me was in the new Star Trek movies , where they created an alternate reality. I'm not nearly as much as a Star Trek fan as I am a Star Wars fan, but I like the new ST movies and REALLY liked the original ST movie. This was an exception due to the franchise being as HUGE as it was, this was one of the better ways to create moving forward. I just don't want to see it done over and over and OVER now.
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    Interesting, an all Female cast? Might be good.

    I agree though, I don't feel a reboot was necessary. Especially one that deletes only half the franchise. lol

    Genesys wasn't that bad, ad they could have built upon that. But I guess a reboot was inevitable given the age of the Franchise, and the stars.
    Yet that's what I felt Genesys was, a reset kind of.
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    I didn't even realize it was an all-female cast LOL I thought that was a skinny John Connor in the middle. LOL

    it looks like Cameron has NOT learned his lesson. he was criticized for his attempt at creating "strong female" characters.

    his version of "Strong female" has always been , to give the character male traits.

    for T2 he stripped sarah connor of ALL femininity , in his attempt to create a "Strong female" [/irony]

    ^^ this looks like 1992 all over again. it looks VERY dated.

    (he should have consulted Patty Jenkins Cameron's Version of "Femininity" is almost 30 years past its 'best before' date) LOL

    he seems pre-judged to view male traits as 'strong' and female traits as 'weak' -- therefore -- the only way for him, to create a 'strong female', is to turn her INTO a man.

    but.. in the end.. I suppose it's better than KK's Version -- SHE can only make "Strong females" by surrounding them with "Weak males". ROFL!

    (Patty Jenkins FTW)
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    just saying.

    one of these promo shots shows "Strong Feminity"

    the other is DEVOID of "feminity", and instead, depicts "strength" via male characteristics.

    (the one in the middle is dressed exactly like Wolverine).

    @ Cameron : dude , WTF..!?

    (re: "strong" --- that word doesn't mean what you think it means) LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Genesys wasn't that bad, ad they could have built upon that. But I guess a reboot was inevitable given the age of the Franchise, and the stars.
    Yet that's what I felt Genesys was, a reset kind of.
    Genesys was intended to be a soft reboot and relaunch a new Terminator franchise but that didn't quite work out which was a shame because it was a decent start to a possible new franchise . At least Dark Fate continues on from T2 (tough order) and isn't another complete reboot, sigh.

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    I hope I eat my words, but I can't imagine this being any good. And that comes from someone who enjoyed the first half of Genesys...

    Isn't Cameron involved though? So maybe...
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    If I remember the original ending for T2 showed a more happier ending that was cut and replace with the rolling road. So it sounded to me that T2 was going to be the last one.

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