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Thread: If only one Rogue character survived, who would you choose?

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    If only one Rogue character survived, who would you choose?

    so I have a question that I'd love to hear people's thoughts on....

    if you had to choose one character from Rogue One to have survived the movie and is still alive for perhaps a cameo role or minor role in EP VIII and EP IX who would it be and why and would they be working for the Resistance or the First Order?

    I'd like to see Cassian still alive and working as a spy within the First Order for the Resistance. I think it would be a neat dynamic that he is still fighting the fight after all these years and he's hardened even more after losing Jyn at the Battle of Scariff
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    K2SO, hands down.
    Agree. Didn't like lot of main cast but k2 was brilliant. Also krennic would have been great albeit ancient in episode 7 or 8!

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    Krennic or K2 for me.

    I liked that they all died or else it becomes an issue of where are they going forward.

    In a similar thought I also liked how we only know the fate of 2 Rebels from the Rebels series, still allowing other bad things to possibly happen to the Jedi Sabine & Zeb.
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    I'd go with Saw and his crew. Loved the idea of a "one man's rebellion is another man's extremism" character in Star Wars. Could of seen him perform acts the rebellion finds to be reprehensible. They could even send a "Rogue Two" team to take down his rebel cell permanently thus giving us a story where we can truly identify with both sides. Maybe have the imperial Scar Squadron involved in hunting Saw down.

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    I would've liked Jyn to survive and become one of Princess Leia's closest friends.
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    Hmm, tough decision.... haha Jyn, no contest. She could have gone on knowing that she helped save the galaxy from the Death Star and continue on to become a general in the Resistance
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    My vote is really anyone BUT Jyn or Krennic. TBH, I liked Jyn, but I felt like the other members of their crew had a little more interestingness to them. Cassian I could see grizzled and working for the resistance, K2S0 still by his side. I really liked Baze and Chirrut, which is a fun twist in that Chirrut in particular in the early trailers I didn't care for and he turned out to be my favorite character. I could see either one of them living Obi-Wan ANH style. But going with just one, I think Bodhi Rook. Not my favorite character, but I really dug the way his character grew throughout the film, from being spooked by pretty much everything that was going on to barking orders at the Battle of Scarif. It'd be cool to see him as an old Resistance General, knowing what his history is and where he came from.

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    Didn't you know, Cassian is Snoke! The scarred face is proof of him surviving! lol
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