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Thread: Dracos70 Modern Trading List

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    Dracos70 Modern Trading List


    Here are my wants followed by what I have. PM me and let's make a deal.

    List of Wants: (loose is fine)


    • TBS Rancor figure only from JABBA’S RANCOR PIT
    • TAC Mij Gilamar from Republic Elite Forces EE Exclusive
    • 3-3/4" MODERN figure stands (protech type or Marauder Interlocking Display system type - black or clear)
    • Custom Wookiee Jedi Tyvokka
    • HIGH WANT - Custom Resurrected Darth Krayt
    • Geonosis Arena Showdown Rodian Jedi
    • HIGH WANT Bandai S.H. Figuarts Luke Skywalker
    • HIGH WANT Sideshow Yoda: Jedi Master Sixth Scale Figure
    • TBS Walmart 3-3/4" Emperor Royal Guards x 2
    • TBS6 Old Ben Kenobi
    • HIGH WANT TBS6 Emperor's Royal Guards x2
    • TBS Walmart death troopers x2
    • Any 4 jawas

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    List of Haves (most are loose, except when noted):


    • MOC TBS6 Darth Revan (trade only for HIGH WANTS)
    • MOC Discover the Force Aurra Sing
    • MOC TSC Aurra Sing #070
    • MOC TBS 3-3/4"Mara Jade
    • MOC TAC Darth Revan (trade only for HIGH WANTS)
    • Resurgence of the Jedi Ben Kenobi
    • Saga Collection - Emperor Palpatine (Skirmish in the Senate)
    • 3 Jedi Younglings Chian, Ashla, Jempa (no lightsabers or hats)
    • ROTS Coruscant Senate Guard (blue)

    • EPI Darth Sidious


    • loose Light Hope
    • MOC King Grayskull
    • MOC Queen Grayskull
    • MOC Rotar vs. Twistoid (trade only for HIGH WANTS)
    • loose Icer (- staff)
    • loose Strobo (- Zodak head)
    • MIB Filmation He-man
    • Repaint of TeelaŽ weapons in classic toy colors
    • Staff of Horde Prime
    • Temple of Darkness Zoar™
    • Repaint of Chief Carnivus™ weapons
    • Repaint of ClawfulŽ weapons

    STAR WARS COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS/TPBs (I have lots, so if you are looking for a particular one that is not listed, PM me).

    • Star Wars Invasion #1
    • Infinity Gauntlet from Comic Pack
    • SW: Tales of the Jedi from Exar Kun and Ulic comic pack
    • Omnibus: Menace Revealed
    • Dark Empire I
    • Visionaries
    • Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire
    • Dark Crystal: Creation Myths
    • Jedi v Sith: Essential Guide to Force

    * Have many sets, including some exclusives...just ask


    • SNES: Super Mario all stars, super scope 6, street fighter 2 turbo, lion king, donkey kong country 2, street fighter II, Troy aikman football, super Mario kart, super Mario world, final fantasy III
    • NES: Super Mario bros. 2, pinball, super Mario/duck hunt, Break time, Donkey kong classics, Mega man 2, Captain Skyhawk
    • GENESIS: 2x genesis system cables and 3 controllers, Vectorman, Sonic 3D Blast, NHL Hockey, Paperboy
    • GAMEBOY: Tiny toon Adventures, tony hawk pro skater, NFL quarterback club
    • Nintendo DS with games
    • Advance Wars and Final fantasy games for DS

    • Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (open to offers)

    • PSX game - Final Fantasy 7 (black label) - 40

    • PSX game - Final Fantasy 9 (Greatest Hits) - 25


    • MIB Funko Reaction Dark Crystal Garthim
    • loose Resaurus Akuma
    • loose Vampire Hunter D Leila figure
    • loose McFarlane Sentinel Matrix deluxe figure
    • loose World of Warcraft Illidan demon form
    • loose Resaurus Akuma

    • loose Mcfarlane Dragons fossil dragon deluxe
    • loose Mcfarlane Dragons eternal clan dragon deluxe
    • loose Halo didact figure

    • loose Urizen from Spawn with McFarlane signature

    • MIB Final Fantasy Ultima Weapon

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