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Thread: Ideas for Hasbro that could please both Collectors and Kids

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    I would like to know why Hasbro NEVER made the Tonnika Sisters !!!!! Back in 2005, Christine Hewitt (Brea) said she would like to see an action figure made of her character and she said Hasbro never approached her, she is now deceased. I spoke to her directly at Celebration III in Indianapolis.

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    Dear Hasbro,

    Maybe a few less repacks.
    Did you enjoy my little storm, Ewoks?”—Morag the Tulgah Witch

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    Dear Hasbro,

    No more repacks, repaints or retools. For a good long while at least. I'm tired of seeing Jyn Erso on the pegs; Rogue One was 2.5 years ago. Quit releasing the same figures/characters over and over again. At the bottom I posted a list of unreleased 3.75 figures that would give you potentially years worth of new characters to put out.

    When you release a new wave or a new line, put out enough for everybody. The Solo wave 4 for example was a real disappointment - elusive to find. I had to go online to get mine and Quay Tolsite was either unavailable or ridiculously expensive (you need to do more against scalpers) due to being packed 1 per case. Pack the already released figures/characters 1 per case if you're gonna skimp.

    When there's a movie, put out the coinciding figures/main characters in a timely fashion. The Solo wave 4 is another recent example here as it not only had almost all characters from the movie, but it was 5 months or so after the movie came out.

    Have stores be changing out the figures. Target and Walmart overflow the pegs with the first 1 or 2 waves, then that's all that sits there for months even while new waves are coming out.

    Make sure that stuff gets released on time. The Kessel playset was 4 months late where I live.

    Unreleased 3.75 figures that you should be making instead of recycling the same ones repeatedly:

    Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
    Republic Cruiser Captain
    Republic Cruiser Pilot
    Tey How
    Naboo Security Officer
    Ann and Tann Gella
    Boles Roor Podracer
    Ark “Bumpy” Roose Podracer
    Neva Kee Podracer
    Elan Mak Podracer
    Aldar Beedo Podracer
    Ebe Endocott Podracer
    Wan Sandage Podracer
    Sei Taria
    Senator Bail Antilles
    Senator Mot-Not Rab
    Senator Toonbuck Toorra
    Senator Edcel Bar Gane

    Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones
    Cliegg Lars
    Hermione Bagwa
    Queen Jamillia
    Ko Sai
    Rune Haako
    Senator Padme Amidala – Chancellor’s office
    Senator Padme Amidala – Packing

    Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith
    Nute Gunray
    Rune Haako
    Senator Padme Amidala – Reunited
    Senator Padme Amidala – Birth of the Empire
    Senator Padme Amidala – Chancellor Meeting
    Queen Apailana
    Ruwee Naberrie
    Jobal Naberrie
    Sola Naberrie
    Ryoo Naberrie
    Pooja Naberrie
    Senator Fang Zar
    Senator Giddean Danu
    Senator Sweitt Concorkill

    Dryden Vos
    Falthina Sharest
    Mimban Fighter
    Aemon Gremm
    Hylobon Goon
    Viper Droid

    Star Wars: Rebels
    Ezra Bridger – Season 3/4
    Kanan Jarrus – Season 3/4
    Agent Kallus – Season 4
    Admiral Sato
    Ryder Ezadi
    Minister Tua

    Rogue One:

    Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope
    Commander Prajji
    Captain Khurgee
    Tonnika Twins
    Yerka Mig
    Rycar Ryjerd
    Arleil Schous

    Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back
    Lt. Cecious
    Lt. Sheckil
    Hoth Deck Officer

    Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi

    Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens
    Lor San Tekka
    Jess Pava
    Leia Organa (General Outfit)
    First Order Fleet Engineer
    Bazine Netal
    First Order Officer
    Kanjiklub Gang
    Major Brance
    Admiral Statura
    Korr Sella
    Chancellor Villecham

    Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi
    Slowen Lo
    Colonel Garmuth
    Vice Admiral Holdo
    General Ematt
    Ach To Caretaker
    Bargwill Tomder
    Temiri Blagg
    Master Codebreaker
    Captain Canady
    Captain Peavey
    Lt. Connix
    First Order Officer

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    No more repacks, repaints or retools." If only they'd listen and slow those down...the majority of TVC releases are boring, and I don't buy them. I honestly don't mind the rehashes, but we need a better ratio that will secure interest from longtime hardcore collectors. We all get that there are some new collectors that might be interested, but I'm willing to bet their numbers are insignificant, just like how the number of kids buying these has dwindled heavily. The core collecting community the loves 3.75 figures is really being let down with TVC. Once in awhile we get a gem like Yakface, but that's rare these days. My advice - produce the fan favorites and new aliens that we've been asking for year after year, while the consumers are still there. Use the Imperial Dignitary Sim Aloo as an example - he is the last Kenner movie figure never to be resculpted in any form in the modern lines. He ranked highly in Fan's Choice polls - yet still nothing. Tossing a character like that in a wave will only help sales in my opinion - if I'm chasing him down, there is a higher chance I'll buy more figures from the wave. If I'm bored with the selection, I don't simply buy whats available - I leave it, and end up purchasing nothing.

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    Dear Hasbro,

    To continue from my previous post, since you re-started the vintage collection, 9 of those figures you've put out have been re-packs. Going back to TFA, 8 of the figures in that line were re-packs, plus 2 of the 2-packs were re-packs/re-released figures or characters. You did the best with Rogue One, with only 1 re-hashed character plus 1 2-pack. TLJ had 3 single re-packs and 2 2-packs. The worst one you did was the Solo line with 9 repacked single figures, 1 -2-pack and 2 creatures. Basically without all of the repacks, repaints and retools you could have put out 40% of my above list by now.

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