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Thread: AT-ST with pilot

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    $5.99? That is crazy. I've been waiting for to drop the price from $80 and they finally did... and it's $50. I was hoping to score one for $30 or under.
    We never get those insane prices you guys get in the US.

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    BBTS has this for $25. Enjoy
    This post was written is the sarcasm font. It looks like a regular font but contains sarcasm.
    Feedback BST
    I love this Bar!

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    Looking back, I can't believe I bought this for $60 when it came out. In my defense, I did not own an AT-ST and didn't know these would be discounted as much as they were. I did end up picking up a second at $15.

    I didn't make the same mistake though with TVC TIE.

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    Found this at Ross today for ten bucks. I can't say for sure if they dug up an old case from the back or got another shipment, as they also had more of the Rogue One six inch three-packs, which hadn't been there in almost a year.

    I don't collect 3.75" anymore, really, but I've always liked AT-STs yet somehow only had a partially mangled vintage one. I am thus quite excited to add this to my desk.

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