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Thread: AT-ST with pilot

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    Hasn't this been rumored for awhile? Idk kinda cool I guess. Might be more tempting if I could get it on sale at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Espi1001 View Post
    Well I'm glad, cause I need one. Will see if ppl wI'll buy it or like always collectors asking for nice vehicles will wait for clearing prices. I'm betting money ppl will wait for CLEARANCE prices, after all the asking Hasbro for Big Vehicles.
    Its crazy this literally just came out a few hours ago and so many people are already waiting for clearance prices,lol

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    I just want to know where they are selling at lol

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    Great pics.
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    I need it and it's price is far better than loose ones on ebay so I'll gladly take it
    Looking for:
    Stormtrooper Commander

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    I don't have any previous version, but I'd love to buy it - depending on price. Nobody's mentioned price. The LEGO version is $40 and I'm also after that and I'm not sure if I'm willing to double-dip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JVM View Post
    depending on price. Nobody's mentioned price.
    I posted it on the first page, $60. Well $59.99. lol

    And for reference the UPC is 630509536498 and the Walmart Item Number is: 133811432.
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    I'm wondering why the figure in the box doesn't match the picture on the back.

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    Hard to tell in the pics but i fear that the driver might be an older version. Doesn't look like there's knee joints and elbows are swivel type.

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