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Thread: How many times have you watched Rogue One?

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    waiting for the blu-ray now.
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    Twice so far.

    Purchased tickets for IMAX 3D next week, and may go on Christmas Eve. So I'll probably see it four times in total.
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    Saw it for the second time today.

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    Once, thus far.

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    Once. Waiting for the Blu Ray release. My days of going to the theatre for multiple viewings are done due to price.

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    I'm on 3 now. I have a prepaid annual ticket and will likely double this before I get fed up.

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    Seen it twice. Planning a few more viewings after Xmas season.

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    Twice. Going for a third today and then again on Boxing Day. Should think that will be it until the Blu-ray then.
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    Three. Once IMAX3D, once regular 3D, and once 2D. I'll probably see it two more times and then wait for the blu-ray.

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