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Thread: How many times have you watched Rogue One?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinkie View Post
    diversity = racism?


    segregation = racism.

    If you're going to use words as if they were numbers in semi-logical (if not self-serving) formulas at least try to get your terms straight.

    Diversity means a multitude of voices and cultures co-existing and interacting in the same space/cultural milieu in relative peace if not at least through civil dialogue on equal footing. The very opposite of segregation and cultural isolationism.

    And to point the finger at people of certain heritages feeling more comfortable amongst those with similar backgrounds as "racism" is putting the horse before the cart. I would suggest that deep, unconscious racist tendencies and unexamined prejudices often make it difficult for those not fitting the status quo to feel welcome amongst the cultural majority which on a purely human day-to-day level can be mentally taxing and depressing and looking for respite is completely comprehensible. It's totally self-serving when people try to put all the onus on minorities to make things right through their behaviour while the majority get to continue on with their own, unconscious habits and choices that keep them feeling integrated (much more easily) into the dominant culture.

    But I'm with lister on this. Seems much more likely than some sort of reverse-racism conspiracy theory.

    I believe Cobalt was critical of the media’s-- and SJWs’ hypocritical brand of "diversity", and such trendy SJWing topics as “cultural appropriation!”— which equals self-segregation… Or, as it relates to the discussion at hand, actually demanding Black actors be given a lead role for no other reason than they’re Black (isn’t that what JJ was bragging and boasting about? That he had to have a Black lead for TFA…?) I don’t get the impression that the majority here are against genuine diversity of people of all races/ cultures/ religion coming together.

    And Cobalt’s right: This nuDiversity is nuRacism. It’s repositioned segregation rather than coming together. And foolish, easily-swayed people, who are too afraid to offend any sensibilities, are going along with it because it’s imposed by a certain demographic of POC/ certain political types who need to keep people divided so they can always rely on the entitled, victim-card. Just sad. And when “diversity 101” is enforced in everything, every place, then it looses its individuality, becoming generic, homogenous… Coming from corporations, it’s just nothing more than to “diversify’ their profits by attracting a wider demographic. Maybe they’re genuine, and really want to represent every people equally… (they don’t).

    This brand of enabling and entitling selective-discrmination for certain peoples only divides people further. We need to treat all people equally without bringing up and shaming certain people for the injustices/crimes of the past, and move on together. It’s so trendy to play victim these days and not take responsibility for one’s actions and words: That’s the collective mentality of SJW and the Tumblr crowd. People may think that the ignorance and bigotry someone like John Boyega is spewing on a public forum like GQ is “just how he feels about Hollywood”. But it’s so irresponsible since it’s just the same thing as what a White bigot in the 1950s would have said about POC… And that’s not accepted at the least, so why should John’s bigotry be accepted now in 2017? (PC answer:Because he’s Black and entitled.)

    Apologies for getting a tad in-depth with the ever-sensitive topic of SJW-ing, but when Disney, its directors and actors are pushing it as a selling point, I have a right to push back when I see through their transparent gimmicks. Because, at its best, the SW-aesthetic infused so many design elements of various cultures so effortlessly that most aren’t even aware of it. And nowhere was that more masterfully realized than in TPM. That’s why despite its shortcomings as a film, I adore that film to death. Interestingly enough, nuSW is so bland, monotonous and lacking in any multi-cultural influences in its aesthetic; I suspect that brand of soullessness is a result of careful market research to not offend the slightest of sensibilities… The Sequel is like the byproduct of Taylor Swift and Bruno Marrs: Zzzzzzzzzzz...
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    I've watched R1 maybe 10 times. Although overall I think it is a better Star Wars film than TFA, it doesn't hold my interest any longer, while I can still sit through TFA looking for tidbits of information, combing over the visual details, the Falcon, the force back vision. Then Hux's speech.. incredible! Watching Rogue One I find myself skipping through it in this order; Turbo Tank, Jedha skirmish, Jedha destruction, Chirrut takes out TIE fighter on Eadu, AT-ACT, Hammerhead Corvette, Darth Vader, roll credits. Maybe 5 minutes of film highlights.
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    I have watched R1 about 12 times now and really love this movie! I am starting to feel my age which is fast approaching 50 and I keep going back to the stuff in the original movies that I saw as a child with my father. I am ok with Episodes 1,2 and 3 but I just did not like the Force Awakens. It did not feel at all like a Star Wars movie. Rogue 1 did have that old feel to it for me.
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    RO has yet to loose its sheen— after over what must be a dozen viewings already for me LOL

    While the majority may be going bananas over the imminent release of TLJ, I’ll happily escape into the quiet and understated moodiness of this simple story of sacrifice and redemption. It doesn’t go OTT with any of its spectacles— instead, it teases and tantalizes, leaving me wanting more: It’s that brand of skilled and thoughtful storytelling that evokes the tone of the best of SW (ANH and Empire). Gareth understands that hunger to arouse the imagination into a fevered dream.

    As far as I’m concerned, the story ends with the scene of the duo sitting on the beach, finally at peace with their doom… There’s finally a quiet elegance of transcendence for these two damaged souls in all the loss and destruction that doesn’t treat the audience like a bunch of flies drawn only to the emptiness of sound and fury. This transitions into the beginning of ANH beautifully as the next set of heroes take the baton. (And I’m more drawn to the RO motley crew than I’ve ever been to the OT trinity. I don’t wish to see anymore stories of the RO crew however— just that hopefully there will be more quiet, grey characters as these in future SW stories.)
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    Only once in the theater. Though I am getting the film on DVD for Christmas.

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    ^^^ Don't care much for it I take it LOL

    After the unfunny, trend-chasing, uninspiring, and tone-deaf messy TLJ, which seems to marinate even more on disjointed juvenile-trope than TFA— not to mention an entire sequence dedicated to SJW-101 for 4-year-olds, I really do adore RO even more for its thoughtful, restraint and mature presentation. It has aged from good to very good, and I imagine as the Sequel heads to an end, RO will only improve by leaps and bounds even more by comparison. (I’m glad colossal-corporation Disney wants to bestow the virtues of anti-child labour, anti-cruelty to animals, and equal-rights for every peoples. So I hope all these Asian factories that churn out all that Disney crap, along with their parks that employ both humans and animals, live by these improvements for social issues that are shoehorned into their Star Wars SJW-101/The Sequel. I don’t wear clothing made in countries known for their questionable ethics; I don’t eat red meat; and I’m a feminist/humanist, but my god— TLJ is so cringe-inducing with its shallow glazing checklist of social issues with all the depth and sincerity of a Happy Meal. Things are never as simple as black or white.)

    It’s safe to conclude that the Sequel will be a wash for me— especially with tribute-act JJ returning for the final episode. But who knows, maybe he will offer something fresh and unique …. LOL… And with Rian apparently in control of a new trilogy, I can’t hope for anything fresh nor unique if his TLJ is anything to go by. He’s not a strong nor good storyteller. Compare Rian's theatre-kid level attempts at a rousing inspiration with “We are the spark and flame that will inspire the galaxy blah blah blah” that comes off so robotically flat and trite (even the actors delivering it don't believe in its words!)… Then watch Forrest’s Saw with his simple, whisper of “Save the Rebellion. Save the Dream…” Sobs… Six simple words delivered by an actor who is so effortlessly mesmerizing, effortlessly full of pathos, and effortlessly Star Wars.

    I really cannot wait until I have some time for myself and escape into that period of SW-lore with RO asap. And the worlds of RO… Sobbing... Utterly wroldbuilding— that though directly of the ANH/OT-era, expanded richly with its own take on another part of that time: Jedha, as familiar as it may have been to Tatooine, was also worlds apart and added a religious/spiritual mecca to the worlds of SW in its final hours. There’s a sadness, a doomed urgency and eradication of a history and culture— that slyly. and subversively echoed the warfare of our world. You could feel the final gasps of that world. Even the Death Star felt like an entity of its own in RO. Gareth treated this Frankenstein’s Monster— complete with the showing of it finally being fitted with the final component that would doom and eradicate worlds. Then it crept silently, like some parasitic Angel of Death, from system to system, to take out any signs of resistance. The Death Star was treated as a character in RO. Gareth is an immensely skilled storyteller— even a revisionary who was able to bring a sense of freshness to a story that was all about riding the tailcoats of ANH. He completely won me over so unexpectedly.

    My hope lies with these one-off anthologies. I don’t think this Han one is going to do it though— unless Ron pulls a fast one over Kathleen and turns the entire cast into the Bluths and subverts Solo into that Arrested Development movie that was never made… My hope now lies with the Obi-Wan story...

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    ohh man, I can't imagine the pre-determined disdain for Solo now, I wonder how it will be received now in the TLJ shadow.
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    I’m absolutely open. Ron may be for-the-masses-friendly, but he’s also got a more sly and incredibly-honed cheeky side: Arrested Development is unmatched and untouchable…. Ron may just play Solo as a light, fun, but witty and clever ride that will turn out fantastic. I didn’t care for RO at all when it was announced. And now it’s my #2 fav SW film...

    If Ron/Disney plays it carefully, thoughtfully, strategically, Solo may very well be that darkhorse which will win even the most cynical of SW admirers over. TLJ is so trashed endlessly on Youtube/SM and expectations are so low for anything SW currently, that Solo could very well come out awesome. I’m hopeful it will-- always there for the underdog.

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    agreed. funny thing is the SM, YT negativity etc. ain't hurtin' squat. I felt Howard was a genius idea, and was then actually surprised his name didn't come up prior.

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