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Thread: Star Wars Authentics

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    I imagine Topps will be running the Autograph area at Celebration.
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    The Daisy 8x10 is the most reasonably priced thing they've got for sale.

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    If they had a selection of Daisy Ridley signed 8X10s rather than just one image, I'd pull the trigger. $300 doesn't seem bad for her at all.

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    How did work out the price for Brian Herring??? He's £20 at a convention in the UK!!

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    I guess Disney realized a market exists for autographs collectors and secured a new opportunity to make money here. But how long till they forbid all of their Star Wars cast actors to offer autographed photos outside of that website, and the only way to get autographs will be either to order stuff from that official place or at an official booth in conventions?

    The idea to make autographed photos available more easily is great, but this really looks like a way for Disney to take control of the whole autographs market and squeeze more money from collectors. And with the money Topps must be paying to have the Star Wars license, I don't see them agreeing with actors providing free or cheap photos out of that system.

    I just don't like the idea of a business sticking their nose that way into collector's business and telling us how and what to collect. Well it's already somehow the case with figures, though you can still choose from which retailer you buy them (except for those exclusives but they are as annoying as this new autograph business) and you still have possibility to buy used and second hands toys and figures. Also the actors don't produce their own figures themselves. If an actor wants to sign a photo with their own name either in person or replying to fan mails, Disney shouldn't have to say anything about that.
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    Really intrusive and EXTREMELY ugly, where as the Opix shield was very cool.

    Also the logo looks to be printed way too close to the edges making framing a bit difficult not to end up covering some of it and thus looking stupid.

    Prices for most of this are INSANE !

    Bring back Opix now please !
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    Another company gouging the fans. That got old real quick.
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    The international shipping price is 40$ !?!?!?!

    If someone from the USA is planning to make an order and want to help... please send-me a PM

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    Lifelong grapher here and WOW they should've released their website on April 1 because their prices are an absolute joke! I hope they go belly up because these are insane. Anyone paying these prices either has far too much money or needs to go to money management classes. The autograph area was by far my favorite part of Celebration but if these are what the prices will look like "count me outta dis". OPX come back!!

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    If Disney wanted to do it right, they should have put in a bid to purchase OPX, and then retained the awesome image library, the amazing staff, and impeccable service-reputation that OPX earned in the autograph-acquisition industry. Sure, the price structure still may have changed, but I'd be willing to accept that as long as OPX was still involved.
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