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Thread: Star Wars Authentics

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    So, I ordered 5 photos from SW Authentics and when they finally arrived, 3 photos were all wrong. 60% screwed up. Good thing this wasn't a rush order before Celebration. I'd be furious.

    I emailed them, so let's hope they fix their mistake.
    I've had excellent experience with their customer service; their staff has gone above and beyond to help me out. I hope you have the same good luck!

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    Update on my misprinted photos from SW Authentics:

    After a 3rd shipment to get my correct photos (2nd was lost by USPS), I got the package from FedEx. Upon opening, I saw they misprinted the exact same wrong photos again. I have no idea how they did the same mistake again, despite promises from them they would send me the correct 3 photos.

    I had to send a very upset and frustrated email to them. I asked for a refund, since it appears they couldn't right the wrong. They instantly responded with an apology, a refund to me and a 4th attempt to get the correct photos at no charge to me.

    We shall see if 4th times the charm. I am really worried about them, especially since I am attending Celebration in Anaheim next year. Something is wrong there. Service and quality need to be improved.
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    Bring back OPIX. Period.
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