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Thread: Star Wars Authentics

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    So, I ordered 5 photos from SW Authentics and when they finally arrived, 3 photos were all wrong. 60% screwed up. Good thing this wasn't a rush order before Celebration. I'd be furious.

    I emailed them, so let's hope they fix their mistake.
    I've had excellent experience with their customer service; their staff has gone above and beyond to help me out. I hope you have the same good luck!

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    Update on my misprinted photos from SW Authentics:

    After a 3rd shipment to get my correct photos (2nd was lost by USPS), I got the package from FedEx. Upon opening, I saw they misprinted the exact same wrong photos again. I have no idea how they did the same mistake again, despite promises from them they would send me the correct 3 photos.

    I had to send a very upset and frustrated email to them. I asked for a refund, since it appears they couldn't right the wrong. They instantly responded with an apology, a refund to me and a 4th attempt to get the correct photos at no charge to me.

    We shall see if 4th times the charm. I am really worried about them, especially since I am attending Celebration in Anaheim next year. Something is wrong there. Service and quality need to be improved.
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    Bring back OPIX. Period.
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    Last update on my SW Authentics misadventure.

    The 4th shipment finally came in and they did get the correct photos to me. I hope they actually found out the real cause of the printing mistakes. Also, the refund they sent was also received.

    I'm still going to be reluctant to order any photos prior to Celebration, unless I give myself a whole month of extra time in-case of issues.

    I also know that the photo selections for autograph guests at Celebration is pretty significant and I may just choose one of what is available in Anaheim.
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    James Earl Jones: "I've one thing to say to people like you...I like Star Wars too!"

    The Big Bang Theory-Season 7, Episode 14

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    I ordered a pic from them on the 8th & it still hasn't shipped yet.

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