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Thread: Rogue One Deleted Scenes

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    You can bet it would have been Cassian in it come to save her. Better off cut if so, been done before.

    In that case I agree

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    It's been rumored that Tie was blown by a X-Wing fighter but scene got removed from the final cut as it was too reminiscent of another X-Wing blasting an AT-ACT (the one Baze lauched a missile at) just moments before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt60 View Post
    the 'story group' is a bunch of canon-accountants who keep track of stuff. they don't write the stories. they are the 'Mike Okuda Guys' (star trek). they write the visual dictionaries.

    if anything, the story group are the ones who wanted rewrites, to account for lines of dialog in ANH, like "several transmissions were beamed to this ship" (the original trailer shows Jyn running on the beach with the physical plans in her hand).

    it seems to me that the rewrites were a result of 'story group' nitpicking.

    --> it was "the other way around" (to answer your question). the writers were "bailed out" by a story group who stuck their noses in and changed everything at the 11th hour.

    I have wondered about the rewrites a lot also. It seems that the whole 3rd act was changed. If it was nitpicking by the Story Group... why wouldn't that have happened before they needed massive rewrites? I agree that the plans had to be beamed to the ship... but was that the rewrite? The movie was already 2 hours and 14 minutes (according to IMD... so perhaps they just cut them trying to escape and had them go get a tan on the beach instead.

    That doesn't explain why she was running around on the ground with the plans...

    I believe the ending had Jyn and Cassian trying to get out of there before everything blew up. Clearly we see Jyn running with the "Data Tapes" in the trailer. I can't fathom what they would be doing running with them otherwise? We know they were supposed to be "BEAMED" to the ship. We clearly see the copy handed off and eventually get to Leia... which is know eventually gets to R2... which eventually gets back to the rebellion on Yavin.

    I need a good reason for her to be on the ground with those plans...

    Do you think they did escape with the plans and then beamed them to Leia from orbit? That would be a pretty massive rewrite?
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    It's pretty apparent to me that the original ending had the trio surviving with the plans, physically making it out of the base, and running somewhere else with them. Perhaps back to the ship, or perhaps to another location to transmit them. If you cobble the two shots together of the trio running through the base in civvies, and then outside with the data tape, it makes the most sense. I'd have to see the shot again if it's apparent Jyn has the plans when they are running inside the base.

    Edit: I had to go find the image but I just confirmed that Jyn does have the plans when they are running through the base. Also, in the shot of them running outside, behind the AT-ACT's you can see a large communications tower, so it is apparent to me that they had to run from the holding facility to the comm tower in order to transmit the data. My guess is that it was slowing down the third act so they made the buildings one in the same and added the bit where they climb up.
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    Well, evidently the ending didn't change.

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    I have a feeling Rebels will end with the crew triumphantly returning Jimmy Smits to Alderan right before a large artificial moon appears on the horizon...
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    Also, it seemed to me that Krennic may have put on some weight between the shoot and reshoot, maybe too much partying after the film wrapped :p
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    I really hope they learn from the mistakes of the TFA DVD/BRD release and include all the deleted scenes, trailers and that very first "motion poster" shown at Celebration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    You can bet it would have been Cassian in it come to save her. Better off cut if so, been done before.
    Quote Originally Posted by grievous444 View Post
    In that case I agree
    Not sure I understand these comments, please clarify.

    Its bad if Cassisn rescues her?

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    I actually think the movie was better than that trailers suggested (it's usually the other way around). We lost a lot of promo material but the story flowed(especially after the first act) and I'm not sure more footage/scenes would have helped. I'm sure it will make for some cool DVD material though.

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