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Thread: Republic Trooper #31

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    Republic Trooper #31

    According to the front page the long thought cancelled #31 Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) 3 3/4-inch action figure from The Black Series has been turning up on eBay packaged on European cards.

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    *Pictures from auction*

    Anyone going to pick this variation up?

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    The prices on ebay are crazy. Not sure why Hasbro did not give a wider release, its like they must make more money on ebay.

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    It's gotta be part of a partwork series released in Italy earlier this year. I believe De Agostini is the publisher and offered a collection centered on Star Wars action figures.

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    Unless these see a stateside release, I seriously doubt most people over here will be picking one up.

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    Nope, never cared for the look of him. Maybe if I crossed paths with it at a discount sore for $5, I might buy one or two for customs.
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    I had the VC one but ended up selling it. I've got no attachment to this guy
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    I've been flipping my surplus of the VC version for years. Maybe IF this gets a wider release the prices will drop. But this isn't getting a wider release...

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    I have the VC version loose and really want a small squad of this guy but not paying the prices that eBay is asking.
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    It's coming with the same series in which Luke ep7 was rumored to be a part of a few months ago. It's available only in Italy, the white sticker on the back of the cardback explains it. You have to buy the newspaper La Gazetta Dello Sport and you pay a few more than the usual price of the newspaper to get the figure along with it. And you can only find it in newspaper stands or in magazines/books/newspapers little shops (I don't know how you call these shops in the US, or if you have some small shops similar as these ones, usually it's also where you buy lottery tickets and cigarettes and tobacco too).

    I believe Hasbro started producing a limited number of this figure before removing it from the Black Series line in 2013, and they must have been stored somewhere until then. Hasbro must have found a good way to get rid of this stock by including them in a that press collection. Since this figure has been produced in small numbers, it was only good for a line that's sold in only one country.
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