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Thread: Republic Trooper #31

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorax View Post
    They're real.
    Quote Originally Posted by JediKnutt View Post
    And they're spectacular.

    Quote Originally Posted by Montross View Post
    Oh, how I miss the "Like" feature.
    Always nice to see a Seinfeld nod now and then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sizzzler View Post
    Are his figures considered real, or bootlegs? I mean, are they real production pieces, QC failures, knock offs, some kinda 'after hours at the factory by the employees' versions, or what?
    I've bought from Tughori before and never seen any signs of bootleggery from those toys, and I'm not someone ashamed to admit to dealing in bootlegs. I've just not found any of the telling signs.
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    Also purchased from Tunghori before he is kinda a magician with putting 8 figures into a small box lol. Some people have said they have had figures with 2 right feet before but have never had that happen with my 2 purchases from him.

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    Also purchased from Tunghori, never had any problems, and the toys are the same quality as the ones in boxes, don't think they are fakes at all, I'm sure he gets them from the distribution line in batches. not sure how he does that? lol.

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    I have had one G.I.Joe figure purchased from one of the China sellers in the past that had 2 right feet and one that had the ankle pivot joint rotated wrong so that it can only point his feet down. Both times, the seller replaced the figures for me with no problem.
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    I really regret selling my VC one. Never thought the price for this guy would get so crazy.
    Black Series 6" Tie Fighter Pilot (not the TFA one)
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    glad I ordered mine from Amazon a few years ago. Man, these guys have gone through the roof.

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    Not only is it rare, it's also a great all round figure. Accessories, paint apps, sculpt, articulation, it's all there! Damn shame.

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    I wouldn't be surprised to see this figure show up in a future WM exclusive BS wave.
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