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Thread: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Far From Home (2019)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentClaret View Post
    Though, upon careful reflection, we all know it's probably gonna be Venom...

    Spidey has to help with the fight against Thanos, loses his outfit and has to get a new one. Picks up the "super-smart, predictive black suit". Basically blend his SECRET WARS story with the INFINITY WAR movie. I think that's definitely workable.
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    I'd love to see the Sinister 6 in the sequel. or a Venom the Madness type storyline with both venom and carnage
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    Sinister 6........

    dodges rock thrown at me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
    Juggernaunt's an X-Villain, they can't use him unless they cut some deal with Fox.
    True, but "Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut" is one of the best Spidey stories ever. I can dream.

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    Wait a minute, Spidey died in Infinity Wars!

    I'd pass if so, not a fan of Jake at all. Why not just get some new guy, Holland is the title star and has proven himself. So there's no need to get BIG names for villains. Even though Keaton nailed it.
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    They seem to be sticking close to "home" with these titles.

    Honestly, I was hoping for the rumored "Field Trip" subtitle. But this works.

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    This is just my OCD kicking in, but the thread title shouldn't have a "2" it.

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    Well...I guess it's pretty obvious what villain I'm routing for! Yup...duh...Rocket Racer and the Kangaroo! HOW'D YOU KNOW? =P

    Honestly, if it's not Mysterio by this point, I'll be downright annoyed. I've waited six films now, I don't want to wait seven. I mean of course I didn't expect him to be used before Green Goblin or Ock or even some others, but I certainly espected him before now. How many classic major playing villains are even undone anymore? Mysterio, Kraven, Chameleon, Scorpion, Hobgoblin, Black Cat, Morbius, Kingpin, Carnage. That's about it.

    My thoughts on each would be:

    Kraven: I def. want to see him...but he doesn't offer much as far as spectacle. He uses primitive weaponry, so I think his story would have to be more a personal and psychological one. Think The Predator meets Spider-Man. Before the first Amazing Spider-Man, my idea was always to have the Lizard (sort of in the role of Vermin in Kraven's Last Hunt) origin combined with Kraven. Kraven comes to New York to investigate and hunt this rumored beast reportedly seen in the sewers, he's about to trap and take the lizard on when Spider-Man shows up, not witnessing Kraven, and the hunter witnesses Spidey take down the Lizard and thus realizes he was after the wrong prey. This is his target. This new prey is the apex predator, the Spider-Man.

    Chameleon: I also would love to see him but I think he works better as a second in command to a puppet-master rather than a lead. I actually think he'd work best as a goon for Mysterio due to them both utilizing deception and trickery. I actually somewhat wrote a Mysterio film script in which it adapts a number of classic Mysterio stories, one being his first appearance where he impersonates and frames Spider-Man for crimes, thus ruining his reputation. In my version, Mysterio still does his shtick, but this time around he employed the Chameleon to play and subsequently frame Spider-Man. Mysterio uses him as a patsy in his ploy to take Spider-Man down.

    Scorpion: Yet again another I'd like to see. I just don't think he offers enough depth to really run an entire script himself. He's basically just a disgruntled thug who robs banks. The only depth he really has, his relationship with Jameson, won't work unless they bring Jameson into the films again. Which honestly, I'm praying they do. Scorpion works better, to me, as a role akin to what Shocker was in Homecoming. Plus considering Mac was in Homecoming with his nifty gang-tag scorpion tattoo, I think he's a major possibility of happening sooner than later. I just don't want him for a major role.

    Hobgoblin: I always thought, in Spider-Man 3, Harry should have been adapted into the Hobgoblin. Now I get that it's comic-accurate to make him the Green Goblin II, but I just thought that for screen it made more sense to go with Hobgoblin. It's visually different and it's a way to get a more original character out there while still paying homage to Norman's secret identity. Instead we just got some X-Games snowboard reject. He looked like the Rocket Racer. But truth be told, I wouldn't want Hobbie before Green Goblin so I'm in no rush for this character.

    Black Cat: She would be a nice addition, especially considering we've never seen a female super in a Spider-Man film. However, I will always view her more as allied with Peter than a foe. So if she's included I would want a true villain in the background.

    Morbius: A lot seem to really want Morbius, but I have to be honest here. I like the character, but I never felt he really worked for Spider-Man's lore. A gothic-style Spider-Man? I think more Batman than anything. He just never fit to me, which I think is why he largely became more his own character and less a Spider-verse character. So I really am not too eager for him on screen. Let me rephrase that. I'm not eager for him on screen in a Spider-Man film, but I'm be down for his inclusion in some other things like a new Blade, Ghostrider, perhaps even...maybe...on a Nexflix series like DD or even in his own.

    Kingpin: He presents...issues due to Netflix DD. Unless you could cast Vincent D'Onofrio, I'm not for his inclusion. Now if you CAN cast him...I'm ALL for it!

    Carnage: Controversial opinion but I'm not a huge fan of the character. I always found him a cheap cash grab and a very generic manic mass murder type villain. It's not hard to write someone who just runs around killing with no motive. Joker has depth, character, reason even when he proclaims he doesn't. I found Carnage just playing off the newfound popularity of Venom at the time and combining it with less thoughtful aspects of the Joker. So I can live without ever seeing him. Plus like Hobgoblin to Green Goblin, it doesn't make much sense doing him before Venom. Plus, odds are he'll be in the Venom sequel anyway.

    I think of all the above left, Mysterio is just the clear front-runner. He has the most to give. He can offer the psychology of Kraven and then some, but also the visual spectacle of almost something like the Dr. Strange movie. Think about it, if you want amazing special effects scenes...his "powers" are special effects. But they're not without substance, he's much like the Scarecrow is to Batman. He can offer shocks, surprises, frights, major action set pieces, and a very intelligent and thought-provoking story-line.

    Now there are always other options, more minor villains like Jackal, Tombstone, Prowler (though more allied), Beetle, Tarantula, Hydroman, and others, but I can't really see many being that considered and if they are, nothing more than a casual throwaway role.

    There's also always the option of re-doing villains. Green Goblin and Ock I assume would be first to that table since it's been so long and they're probably the most crucial of all his foes. I so don't even count the GG in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Would seem a shame to never have them in the MCU as they're just such major players, but I do think we should wait a little longer. Maybe plant seeds first, like newspaper headlines featuring OsCorps or someone mentions some dude named Dr. Octavius on the cusp of innovative breakthroughs in his scientific field. I'd also like to see a version of Rhino (I liked the film design) for more than a single minute...and actually get a real fight scene with him instead of suddenly cutting away before we get to the good stuff.
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