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Thread: Master Craft 1/23 scale Rebel U-Wing Fighter by Beast Kingdom

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    Master Craft 1/23 scale Rebel U-Wing Fighter by Beast Kingdom

    What do you guys think? Pretty big price, but it is 47 inches long.

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    Very cool, I like the design of this but would want to see what the thing actually does in the film first.

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    do the wings open up for this model? if it doesn't, it's an easy pass for me

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    Very nice.. but a bit high $$ price wise..

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    Shipping weight, 105 pounds!!!

    That is one huge collectible.

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    wow...I wonder where they got the specs to make that.
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    that is a lot of money and I have no idea regarding the quality and reputation of that company.. on a side note, that price tag would be tripled if QmX offered this replica but then, noone would question quality.. is written if the Evil Spirit arms the Tiger with claws, Brahman provided wings for the Dove...Thus spoke the Super Guru

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    I really love the colors of this but it's probably because I'm partial to the Blue Squadron's color-scheme.

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    That price! Ohhhhkayyyyy!!

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    Nice to see some other players in this space... Thankfully for me, this is not OT ($$$)
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    There will be no bargain.

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