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Thread: 1:6 Sideshow - Darth Maul "Duel on Naboo"

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    1:6 Sideshow - Darth Maul "Duel on Naboo"

    Sideshow's new version of a Sith favorite has arrive....

    Really well-done. Excellent scale (shorter body, size-appropriate head), gorgeous cut-n-sew (featuring wired skirt tabs for maximum "action" posing), cool sculpt on two-piece gloves and an interesting take on the boots that up's the articulation a bit. The portrait is very well done, from the sharp horns to the piercing eyes.

    If you're a big "dark side" fan or a Maul collector (like me)....consider adding this fine version to your collection....

    I used some rewards points at Sideshow to bring the price down on it....yes, it is a steep one. Had to get it....the original version s still a favorite in my collection. This one is a great step forward.

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    Still debating if i should get it or not. Recent pics did make it harder to resist. If i were to, i'd go for the Ex as i missed the severed hilt on the original release. Yet, price and especially costly custom and transport fees have prevented me to go for it.
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    I order this piece.. I think my last flex payment is this month..
    Plus I also pre ordered the premium format Darth Maul. ..
    I also purchased thru ebay the earlier sideshow version last year..
    Does anybody know what are the big difference between both versions?
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    The outfit is better tailored to the figure on this new version...the figure's scale is much better (not too tall)...the sculpt is sharper with better paint apps. The "advantage" to the original release are more accessories and the outer robe (which works well with this new version) and the price on this new version is quite the jump.
    I'm glad to have both versions.

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    I'm happy with my original release of Sideshows Darth Maul.

    Not enough differences IMO to warrant purchasing him again when there are so many other figures coming out.

    Plus the price hike compared to the original Maul is a joke considering you get hardly any accessories with him compared to the original release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcon_Gunner View Post
    Plus the price hike compared to the original Maul is a joke considering you get hardly any accessories with him compared to the original release.
    Exactly. They should have re-released the Sith probes with this Maul to help justify the higher price.
    Shabby Blue

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    But then, we'd need the robes as well as probes are specific to tatoo´ne and not to Naboo's duel.

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    This is tempting but I just don't understand the high price for less. It appears that Sideshow is holding on to a little bit of the 1/6th market and they charge very high to stay in the game. I think at some point Hot Toys will take this over completely.
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    Looks great with the Sidious holo...well displayed.

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