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Thread: Remote Control Deluxe BB-8

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    Remote Control Deluxe BB-8

    The Disney Store has a new, remote control BB-8 up on its site for $55. Like the Hasbro version, it includes a remote control (which doubles as a stand, neat!) and it looks a bit nicer than the Hasbro version too, though it is shorter at just 6.5" tall.

    Anyone seen this in-store or in-action yet? I'm especially curious whether or not it rolls better than the Hasbro version.

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    Found this video of someone trying BB-8 out in-store. Looked to roll pretty well and with the Disney Store offering a 25% off coupon this weekend, I couldn't contain my curiosity any longer, haha. My local store had plenty in-stock, and I took one home for about $43.00.

    I'm very happy with it! He rolls great on carpet, much faster and more stable than the Hasbro version. The Disney version does a good job of keeping the head fairly straight and level as BB-8 rolls, and the head has never fallen off on its own (except when I run into things). Controls are responsive, but I do wish his head rotated a little bit slower so it'd be easier to fine tune his direction. One thing I'm kind of mixed on is when you move BB-8 forward/back, he makes a whooshing sound effect that's kind of a mix of a jet engine and a vacuum cleaner. Could have done without that sound effect (the sounds of the internal drive system itself are cool enough on their own), but I don't hate it either.

    Anyways, on to some pics!

    I feel Disney used a much better shade of orange for BB-8 compared to Hasbro and I prefer Disney's more subtle weathering over Hasbro's as well (though the paint apps could be cleaner in spots). I also like how they accented the panel lines on BB-8's body. Unfortunately they didn't do the same for the panel lines on his head so there's a bit of a mismatch there. Additionally, while the body's plastic has a slight gloss finish to it, the head's plastic is matte. Still, nitpicks aside, I think BB-8 looks quite good.

    BB-8 uses four AA batteries and the remote uses two AAAs (happily, all batteries are included!). The remote lights up with red and blue lights when it is turned on. If the remote can't find the BB-8 unit (for example if he's not turned on), the lights flash until the remote is able to connect. Much like the Hasbro, there's forward/back movement buttons and then a pair of buttons to turn the head left/right. While the Hasbro version would randomly move/talk on his own, Disney adds a button on the top right of the remote which makes BB-8 play a random sound when pressed, or you can hold it down for a constant stream of droid chatter. The remote range is about 20 feet.

    Assembly is pretty much just like the Hasbro version with an interlocking shell encasing a drive system, and a head which connects via a pair of magnets on the top. One thing Hasbro does better here is how you turn the droid on/off; while you could turn the Hasbro on just by shaking BB-8, with the Disney you have to open it up and flip the switch on the drive system. Not a big deal, but it is a minor inconvenience. Despite the on/off switch on the remote and BB-8, both units seem to have sleep modes after a period of inactivity. The remote's lights will turn off after a while, and BB-8 also seems to shut down when left alone for a while as the remote will need 10-15 seconds to find BB-8 and wake him up.

    Tried to get a shot of BB-8 in action, but this was the best I could do.

    Next, a couple comparison photos. First up is BB-8 with his bigger brother, the Disney Store talking BB-8:

    The talking BB-8 looks great to me, and it would have been nice if the remote BB-8 had the same level of detail. And here is BB-8 with the 6" Black Series Rey and BB-8:

    I had thought the Disney BB-8 was significantly smaller than the Hasbro remote BB-8, but they seem to be fairly similar in size. The Disney remote BB-8 comes in at 7 1/8" to the top of his head.

    Overall, this is a fun little BB-8 unit! With a better deco and superior mobility to the Hasbro version, I think this is the best low-cost remote control BB-8 option (especially at sale prices). If that's what you're in the market for, I think you'll be happy with the Disney remote BB-8.

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    Just picked up the Disney Store remote control bb8 and the larger bb9e action figure for 40% off at the Disney studio Store next to the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. They were $50 and $40, respectively bringing them down to $30 and $24. The remote bb8 was in The Last Jedi Packaging. His head is also weathered the same as the body unlike the previous Poster's picture from the force awakens version.

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