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Thread: Captain Cassian Andor vs Stormtrooper - TRU Exclusive

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    The two pack/Uwing version is closer to how the actor looks. He is fairly slim.
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    The SA figure is too bulky, I feel the 5 POA version looks closer to the actual actor as well. I decided to purchase this set instead of the SA figure because for an extra $2, I also get a trooper. It also allows me to return the basic trooper figure, which I never opened, as this set contains the same figure with an alternately painted pauldron.

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    Glad they made this set because I really didn't want to buy the U-Wing to get the Cassian figure. It's the best Cassian, imo. Mine has good paint apps. I like the Eadu version too but the hat kinda ruins it

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    I'm having a hard time with those paint apps on Cassian's face, but at least that's an alternative to the single-pilot U-Wing. And more Stormtroopers will always be welcome.

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    If there is anyone interested in selling me the complete, loose stormtrooper from this set, PM me.

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