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Thread: Jabba's Palace Diorama

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    Jabba's Palace Diorama

    Hi everybody,

    I'm building this Jabba's Palace diorama for my 3.75" action figures. Jabba's scenes are so cult !
    I've spent many hours of work, but I think the first part was the most difficult.
    I still have just a few items to create. All types of materials and found objects were used (polystyrene, wood cardboard, metal, Plexiglas, plaster spackling, Fimo clay, Lego, various toys).
    The lower part of the barbecue was made with Sketchup and realized in 3D printing.

    The entire scene will include 3 parts ... and the Rancor pit if I have the courage… and the place also because the final model would be 55"x 33,5" (without the Rancor scene)
    I hope you enjoy my work .

    May the force be with you!

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    That looks fantastic! Lots of great (and accurate) details. Nice frog bowl in the background!

    I'd like to see close ups of the back and the accessories please!!!

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    Thanks Utinniii!
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    Thank you very much Utinniii !
    I post some new pictures. We can see background with some accessories. But all is not finished. Some are still missing.

    For the moment the frog bowl is empty : \

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    Nice I like the light up lamps.
    This post was written is the sarcasm font. It looks like a regular font but contains sarcasm.
    Feedback BST
    I love this Bar!

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    Thank you VideoViper!

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    Very nice work! And welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks a lot DathPete.

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    Great work. Is there any place to buy one of those barbeques? Can i pay someone to make one?? thanks
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    Hasbro please make a Super articulated Nabrun Leids!

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    Thank you starwars,

    For the moment, I realized only the lower part of the barbecue in 3D.
    After this big 3D work, maybe I'll propose purchase copies of objects that I modeled for people who would be interested.
    I think modeling the complete version of the barbeques and to propose objects painted by me or not.

    Meanwhile, I continue my arduous task but so interesting at the same time.

    Below: Step achieving the hanged elements along the walls of the Palace. Made with Fimo clay, metal parts, wire ...

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