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Thread: Jabba's Palace Diorama

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    If you enjoy making it, then taking the time to make it "perfect" is a good thing.

    It is only a bad thing if you want to finish it quickly.

    Mine would have stuck out if I had glued a tiny square to the tip of my stem to press down the surrounding area. I didn't think of that until later.

    I had other ideas I didn't try.

    Take a firm but flexible material (like plastic), drill the hole pattern into it, and then press it into the plaster.

    Or make (drill) holes into foam and make a stamp.

    The best way (but the most work) would be to get a tiny hole punch and punch out each cylinder individually (out of foam since it needs to stick out and matboard is to hard to punch out). Then glue them on one at a time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jess View Post
    Ah yes of course! Thank you Untinniii.
    I had the same problem as you with the stair. With can see very well detail with these pictures too :

    Small bubbles of the patterned paper founded with the water contained in acrylic painting.
    I had also thought to paint with an airbrush but unfortunately mine stopped working.
    Indeed it's an important detail and I hope to find the solution.
    Lollipop is a good idea. This is nice on your photo. But I really want to get the flare effect "bubble" and not flat.
    I'm too perfectionist I think.

    Traction strips for bathtubs have a very similar texture, and take paint well.
    take a look at my Millennium Falcon project at:

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    Traction strips for bathtubs, yes ! Thank you very much rogue1 for this good information. I'll watch it.
    There are really great experts on this forum!

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    Actually, I have seen plastruct sheet that have that pattern that probably work out great at this scale. See below:
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    Very interesting these Platruc sheets bwize. Thank you very much for your kind contribution and links.

    Quote Originally Posted by bwize View Post
    Actually, I have seen plastruct sheet that have that pattern that probably work out great at this scale. See below:

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    Bravo !
    one of the best diorama of jabba !

    How did you manage to make the light behind him ?

    Love your Jess custom too !

    Bienvenu(e) au club cher(e) compatriote ! ;-)
    Wishlist of an old collector : Shasa tiel, Velken Tezeri, Jess, Rycar Ryjerd, Tonnika sisters, Ewoks (all!), Padmé last outfits, more female characters

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    Thanks a lot oolax !
    Here is a picture that shows the place of lights to get a good angle and create the shadows of grid the best possible as I could.
    Thank you for Jess too, I'm glad you like it!

    Merci de ton accueil cher compatriote du sud. Je suis à Albi.
    Jess est un femme certes mais moi je suis un gars marié avec 3 filles. Chuttt...^^

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    Test for the perspective of the entrance stair.
    Not so easy to get the perfect curvature, finally. But it's correct, I think.

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    That is so friggin' nice! Great work!
    "Without respect - we reject!"

    My custom Hoth Rebel Turret thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oofa View Post
    That is so friggin' nice! Great work!
    Thank you Oofa!

    The main gate, modelized in 3 parts, is sent for 3D printing.
    Result in a few days… I hope that everything will work as planned.

    Below : The two sliding gates will be operated with a small push button on each side.

    I should perfect the mechanism by creating a spring system because small grids will go up and down to slide and fits snugly into the openings of the large grid.

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