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Thread: Jabba's Palace Diorama

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    The paintjob is mindboggling good. This is looking spectacular. Keep going!
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    Thank you very much yodashizzle !

    The fixed parts of the door are painted.

    I was wrong. The decorator team had designed holes in the ground. I found my screenshot where we can see clearly the holes. What a detail job, the team was fabulous! I was right to make the hole too.

    I decided to used a up/down motorized Lego mechanism to operate the gate.
    It's more aesthetic and practical than a crank. It's more interesting to play with too
    Motor part is fixed to the dio but the switch box is removable to be able to easily change the batteries if necessary.
    The rotation speed of the motor can't be adjusted. As a solution, I found a metal rod very thin so that the winding is as slow as possible.
    Finally, the gate opens and closes at a good speed.

    The paintjob of the principal room is finished. A dark brown for first coat and a warm gray for second coat.
    The complete door is installed.
    Down !

    Up !

    My Kenner Rancor Monster is too small.
    Dimensions of the diorama are suitable for the Black Series version.
    In the movie, the Rancor Monster bends down a little to cross the door.

    Thanks for looking
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    That looks fantastic! I'm really amazed (and envious) about how this turned out.
    I'm not sure if it is just the flash, but the walls seem a bit bright to me. I know it will will different in person. Perhaps a dark brown or blue wash to reduce the brightness?

    I hope you are adding all the skulls and bones. Pose Skeletons are pretty good. They come in 3 sizes. The largest is the best size.

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    What an ingenious solution to the rancor door. Love the detail and paint job. Those base spikes turned out fantastic and would love to see a video of it in action.
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