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Thread: Deathtrooper Specialist

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    I'll buy pretty much every variation of these troopers Hasbro makes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    I'll buy pretty much every variation of these troopers Hasbro makes.
    These look fantastic! Looks like my Director Krennic is going to be well guarded.

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    Nice! I can use a couple of these. Black Series for action poses and this version for static scenes. Would've been kinda cool if they'd made the modified DLT-19 for this guy. The grappling cannon looks kinda cool, though.

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    Awesome. Will need multiples of this figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    Hasbro will be making the Deathtrooper Specialist in the basic line:

    Thoughts on this figure?
    Of all the Death Troopers he is the "Specialist".
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    wow, this figure looks incredible! I hope the tac gear comes off easily. They really did a great job with this one. It's such a cool design.
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    wow, just take my money. Getting several

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    Cool - will be getting at least 2-3 of these guys as well.

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    Looks amazing. Definite buy.
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