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Thread: Jyn Erso in Imperial Ground Crew Disguise

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    My wife found these in a discount shop where we live. She noticed that there were two different names on the cards. I did a little digging, and after a scan of this thread, I didn't see any mention of it. The photo archive here at Rebelscum says that this version exists, but "they'll get back to it when they have more info."

    I just thought I'd post some photos in case this isn't common knowledge. (it could be. I don't collect, or really like 5PoA. So, I don't follow it too closely.)



    detail. notice this sticks are in a different location than on the "Sergeant" card.

    detail of the original release.


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    Its a running change, sometimes referred to as a variant as well. Occasionally, Hasbro will make corrections or fix something for aesthetic / packaging reasons.

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